Acupuncture: Effective in Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain

Any kind of a pain in the muscles and joints can make the life of the person very difficult. The chronic pain in the human body stops a being from performing his/her daily activities with ease. And the saddest part is that with time the situation goes from bad to worse. Especially the lower back pain is the worse and can hamper the one’s mobility.

There are many ways to reduce the pain like hot and cold packs, anti-inflammatory medicines, appropriate exercises, physical therapy and so on. When none of these measures work out, acupuncture for lower back pain is the best way to defeat the pain.

There are studies that have shown that acupuncture relieves the patients of their pain by about 50% and this is a good percentage. This treatment along with medications can work wonders and has a synergistic effect on the patient’s health.

How Does it Work?

It is believed that there is always a constant flow of energy in the body. The professionals use hair thin needles to insert into the patient’s body and try to correct the several imbalances. When it is done by a trusted professional in the field, the patient feels no pain on insertion of the needles. This method is also considered effective in easing out the pain by affecting the hormones, neurotransmitters and finally the immune system.

But acupuncture should not be taken up as the first line of treatment. Not every new pain should be treated with this technique. The patient should undergo a proper diagnosis and try the basic medication as well as therapies. And when nothing seems to be working out, only then acupuncture can be considered to come out of the pain and that too, in cases where the doctor feels so.

There may be cases that are just not recommended for treatment through acupuncture. So it should not be a self-taken a decision and should be undertaken only when there is a prescription for the same.

In the beginning, you can have once in a week session and if you start feeling a remarkable difference, you can gradually lengthen the time period and increase the frequency.

What is The Cost Involved?

Each session of the acupuncture will cost you about 65$ to 125$. And you need to note that none of the private insurers, Medicare or Medicaid would pay for your acupuncture treatment. But yes, some of the plans do cover the cost of a physician-acupuncturist.

What Does the Treatment Include?

  • Inserting needles at key points to unlock the sacroiliac joint.
  • Inserting needles at the motor points for restoring firing and resetting the muscles.
  • Inserting the needles at specific point combinations to address the tilt in the hip portion.
  • Inserting needle close to the vertebrae to release the root nerve of the psoas and the gluteal muscles.
  • Correcting the weak kidney energy by addressing the constitutional issues with the point combinations.

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