Best Beach Vacation Destinations for Silver & Gray Sands

Best beaches

We are on our way to completing our series of blogs exploring different colors of beach sand.  (We have saved some special colors for the next two blogs, especially for Christmas time.)  This week, we are looking at some of the best beach vacation destinations for silver and gray sands.

#1. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is located on the southern tip of New Jersey, bordered by the Delaware Bay to the western edge and the Atlantic on the southeastern side of the city.

The Cove Beach in particular has been a popular gray-sand beach destination for over 100 years.  It first began to gain popularity during the Victorian Era, in the mid-1800′s to early 1900′s.  Cove Beach attracts swimmers, surfers and kayakers during the summer months, while the cooler months attract beachcombers, bird-watchers and surf anglers.

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#2. Seminyak Beach, Bali

In Bali, Indoenisa, there are beaches for everyone. Bali Seminyak is one of the most popular beach among tourists. Professional surfers can help you to learn surf on the beginner waves or you could rent a surfboard to surf on huge and beautiful waves, or lie on a sun lounger and soak up the suns rays. Whether you are enjoying your sip of cocktail at swanky Ku De Ta or are cracking open an ice cold Bintang from the sellers on the beach, the sunset in Seminyak are unforgettable.

For intermediate surfers who wish to find a quieter beach to enjoy riding a wave with fewer competitors, the beaches at Seminyak can be your best possible option. The beach is cleaner than Kuta, there are fewer beachside hawkers and the waves are their best in the early mornings.

#3. The California Coastline


The Santa Barbara coastline offers miles of beautiful beach and nice, moderate ocean temperatures and tides.

Santa Barbara’s beaches are known for having some of the best surf breaks and stand-up paddle board zones on the West Coast!  The area also has 50 or so public parks and picnic areas where you can enjoy paragliding, bird-watching and botany, wildlife, whale-watching, or just spending time with family.

Shelter Cove is another good choice, located just north of Humboldt Bay, along the northern coast of California.  The charcoal-gray sand particles in this area originated from eroded shale cliffs in the area.

#4. Hamoa Beach, Maui

Hamoa Beach is a crescent-shaped, gray-sand beach on the island of Maui.  The beach is about 100-feet wide and 900-feet long, with sands consisting of coral and lava particles.  Enjoy the lovely tropical setting Hawaii is so famous for and a backdrop of 30-foot black lava sea cliffs.

Hamoa Beach is popular for sunbathing and snorkeling, and off-shore wave breaks make for some great surfing and body surfing.  Since this beach is located along the open ocean, there can be some strong rip currents and waves.  Snorkeling is best during the summer months and along the calmer left side.

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#5. Honomalino Bay, The Big Island

Honomalino Bay is a secluded, gray-sand beach located on the southwestern shore of Hawaii’s Big Island, and has been described by many as nothing short of a gem.  This beach is beautifully framed by kiawe trees and coconut palms and is a good location for swimming and snorkeling when waters are calm.  A shallow sandbar provides easy access into the water; just be aware that it does drop off significantly once you get out a bit.

Honomalino Bay requires a 20-minute walk along a trail that begins at nearby Miloli’i Beach Park.

#6. Playa Espadilla Beach, Costa Rica

A 2 km (1 mile)-long stretch of pale gray sands, glassy waters and coral reefs, and majestic palm trees and other tropical vegetation make Playa Espadilla Beach a choice described as simply paradise.  This beach is one of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches and does tend to get slightly crowded during dry-season weekends (from January through May) and on holidays; however, Playa Espadilla is said to consistently maintain a natural, serene atmosphere, known for being warm and inviting yet surprisingly quiet most of the year.

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Playa Espadilla is a favorite among surfers.  Although waves are not as big as some surfing locations, the breaks are known for being consistently good, with smooth waves lapping the coastline.  This is also a great choice for sunbathing, swimming and other water sports, as well as volleyball and sand-castle building.  With some lifeguards on duty, Playa Espadilla Beach is considered one of the safer beaches for swimming in Costa Rica; however, do use some caution and beware when waters are rough as there can be some strong rip currents.

Thanks for reading. This are the top and best beach vacation destinations to have fun and get relaxed. Whether you are looking for vacation destinations as a couple or with your family, these are the best ones. Let us know your best beach vacation destinations, by leaving comments below.

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