Cranes Spare Parts

Common Crane Parts Requiring Replacement

Cranes are machines commonly used in construction and other industries for lifting heavy items. Like every machine, cranes to have parts that undergo wear and tear and need to be replaced for their proper functioning. There are many vital components of a crane that are indispensable to it and must be available easily. Thus, many companies have sprung up which deals in crane’s spare parts so that crane owners do not have a hard time finding replacements for their damaged or worn out crane parts.

Some crane spare parts which are commonly required are listed below. 

  1. Helical gearbox: Helical gearboxes are available in many designs such as a parallel shaft, inline helical, shaft mounted and single reduction helical gearboxes. Helical gearbox houses the helical gear system in which the gear is cut at a helix angle. Helical gear systems have higher load carrying capacity than spur gears and are used in cranes. Anti-friction bearings are also provided in the boxes for higher efficiency and proper shaft extensions.

           Helical gearboxes are available with different torque ratings and power specifications. 

  1. Rope drum: Rope drum is a part of the lifting mechanism of a crane. The rope drum is used to entwine, full in and store wire rope of the crane. The rope drum features drum shaft, drum hub, flange type annular gear, bearings and bearing pedestal. Rope drum is usually constructed with cast iron. Rope drum is an important spare part which can also be customized according to the client’s requirements. Rope drums for all kinds of cranes such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes and industrial cranes are available with the companies. 
Cranes Spare Parts

Cranes Spare Parts

  1. Hook blocks: Hook block suspensions with both single and double hooks are available for cranes. They can be made of forged steel or alloy steel. The hook blocks are provided with safety bolts and can also be fitted with anti-spinning systems to maintain the hooks in their position. 
  1. Brake drums: Brake drums are prone to wear and tear and must be replaced without delay because they are necessary for the safety of the cranes. Brake drum uses a set of shoes or pads to exert a frictional force against a rotating cylindrical shaped component of the brake. Water resistant and high-quality cast brake drums are available for replacing old and worn out brake drums. A new brake drum restores the performance of the crane and ensures the safety of the people around the crane. 
  1. Roller chains and sprockets: Chain sprockets and roller chains tend to get rusted and worn out with regular use. There are many companies in the market which deal with high-grade roller chains and sprockets of various reputed brands. These spare parts are available for various models of cranes. 
  1. Ratchet lever hoists: These are hand-operated chain hoists that are suitable for lifting and pulling loads as heavy as 10 tonnes. Industrial strength ratchet lever hoists for cranes are available with many companies dealing in crane spare parts. 
  1. Shafts: High-grade shafts are available for cranes in the market. These shafts are designed to withstand strenuous conditions and are cut with precision. Center driveshaft, tumbler shaft, reduction shaft, vertical travel shaft, a shaft with the spacer and many other kinds of shafts are required in a crane. 
  1. Services provided by spare part companies: Many companies dealing in crane spare parts also offer regular crane inspection to determine the health of the working parts of the crane. The specialists also make recommendations regarding the maintenance of the crane and performance of the various parts.

The companies also offer complete overhauling of the cranes by replacing their essential components such as electrical parts and drives.

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