Conversations That Could End Your Relationship

Conversations That Could End Your Relationship

We have often mentioned how communication is one of the major keys to a successful and healthy relationship. The quicker you and your partner master communicating with one another, the better your relationship will be.

There are a few conversations that two people in any relationship should avoid having. These types of conversations could cause problems and damage your relationship. Here are a few examples of conversations well worth not having in your relationship.

Past Relationships

This is a tempting and easy slip of the tongue, but avoid discussion of past relationships in detail; it often causes an unneeded argument. Honesty and trust are important, they’re foundations of your relationship and they are two qualities that work both ways.

If you expect the partner in your relationship to be honest and truthful with you, you need to act the same way towards them. You should not hide your past relationships from your partner, but going into detail could make them insecure. It may also make them think that you are not over your previous partner. Having insecurities like this could make anyone rethink their current relationship.

The solution is to tell your partner about your past relationship, but keep those details to yourself.

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Attacking Who Your Partner is at the Core

Don’t make fun of things like your partner’s weight, height, looks, or things about them that they believe make them who they are. Targeting these characteristics about the person you are in a relationship with will only upset them and make them feel angry or sad.

A comment that seems harmless to you could be insulting or offensive to your partner and your relationship. They may even begin to feel insecure in their relationship with you. If there is really something about your partner you think they should change, talk to them about it respectfully and explain the benefits that would come with this change. Showing care towards your partner will make the relationship stronger.


These are statements you don’t want to make:

  • Don’t mention “divorce” or “break-up”–
  • Marrying/ Being in a relationship with you was a mistake.
  • Divorce/ Breaking up is our only option now.
  • I think the only way I will be happy is if we get a divorce/ break up.
  • I wish I never met you.

It’s obvious why these statements pose a threat to ultimate happiness in your relationship. These are strong statements that attack not only the status of your relationship, but your partner. Most of the time, these statements are made in anger and the person saying it doesn’t mean it.

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What conversations in your relationship have upset you?
Do you agree there are things you should avoid talking about in your relationship? What are they?


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