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With an aim to make the India digital many steps have been taken by our government. India day by day is stepping towards the cashless transaction. Different apps have been developed to make payment system of India more secure and easy. With the same vision Tez.apk  has been developed by Google.Tez is a UPI based payment system which was inaugurated by Indias’s Finance minister Mr.Arun Jaitley.

Tez app for android

This app is known as a fast transaction payment app in India which only developed to make all type of payments safe. This app is compatible with iOS and Android platform and runs smoothly on devices of every OS version.India is turning digital and cashless transaction is a wave that flows on India nowadays.  Here in this post, I am sharing all information regarding features of Tez and how to download Tez on your mobile.

How to use Tez-Payment using Tez

Tez app acts as a medium between sender and receiver for any type of banking transactions. After downloading and installing this app you need to first select language. Then you need to link your mobile number that has been registered on your bank account. Then after you need to login on Tez using your Google login credentials. You will get different options of accounts but it is mandatory to select Google account. The interface of this app is simple and secure, you will not face any problem on using this app on your handset.

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Features of Tez app

tez app download

As it is a newly developed app so you might not be aware of its features and advantage. So below I am going to introduce some features of the Tez app.

  • It is now used by more than 50 banks. You need not to store money on this app.You can directly transfer money from one bank account to others.
  • It is available in different Indian regional languages.

features of Tez app

  • You can easily transfer funds to other Tez users without sharing your personal details as bank account number and contact number.
  • This app is developed by AQR technology which is more convenient and safe as compared to QR.
  • It has many levels of security.Tez used you mobile pin and fingerprint for security.If you don’t want to use pin of or fingerprint then secure it with Google pin.
  • It verifies each and every transaction with UPI pin and app is secured by Google pin numbers.
  • You can transfer money QR codes, phone numbers, and bank accounts.
  • It is ideal for business as you can make channels with all your clients and employees.This helps you to transfer cash to those who don’t use Tez app.
  • Not only cash you can even transfer messages between sender and receiver.

These are all its features which are all unique.This is a compact payment system, using which you never feel requirements of any other payment apps. Below I am going to share how you can download Tez app on Android and iOS device.

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This app is available on Google Play store.You can directly download and install Google Tez Payment app with a single click.

If you want to download Tez.apk file then Click on the below link.


 This is all about Tez payment app. Above I have shared information regarding features, use and downloading steps of Tez app. It is a very secure and multifunctional payment app developed by Google to secure payment system of India. It is a product of Google specially designed and developed with an aim to make India a digital and cashless India.

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