Five Successful On Demand Service Startups inspired by Uber

Five Successful On Demand Service Startups inspired by Uber

The on demand business is booming and to be honest, there is no looking back, as people get used to getting whatever they want on demand. That is why many on demand service startups are springing up everywhere. Let’s look at a few popular ones that have become the inspiration for other similar startups. They will give you an idea too if you are looking to launch your own start up.

Mobile phones have taken over our lives – they are our soul mate, friend and most importantly have an answer for everything that we require, be it information or solution to a problem. They are no longer the place where you hide into to stay away from your family but an interactive part of your life. Various mobile applications that make our life easier and time effective have been developed to make our mobile phones our sole point of contact for any problem. These mobile applications have been designed such that you can order almost anything and everything, without going through the hassle of shopping, driving in the traffic and carrying heavy shopping bags to and from your vehicle. These apps are a godsend for all those who live in metropolitan cities and are juggling work and home. Entrepreneurs have therefore identified a gap in the market and are getting into the business of on demand services startups.

Let us take a look at some of the apps that have made our lives much easier.

1. Blooms That

This is an on-demand app for flower deliveries. This app is ideal for all those who have no time or have forgotten to buy present for their loved ones. A few tap on the apps is all it takes. All you need to do is select the flowers, input details of when and where you want them delivered and make the payment. The flowers will be delivered to your loved one on time and everyone is happy.

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2. Push For Pizza

How many times have we fancied a pizza but are not bothered to go out to eat or get one? The worst part is that you no longer know where you put the flyer that came in last week advertising the latest pizzeria in town. Worry not. This app allows you to choose your pizzeria, build your pizza by choosing the toppings you want enter your address, date and time of delivery and make the payment. A hot piping pizza will be delivered to you at the time you wanted.

3. Kanga Do

Our hectic lives mean our children suffer and we need someone to look after them while we tend to the various professional and personal demands that are made on our time. Kanga Do is one app that is the answer to every parent’s prayer. Parents can find carpool rides to pick or drop their kids, request child care facilities, and get your babies looked after just by tapping on the app and requesting your requirements.

4. Washio

Doing laundry after a hard day’s work is a real pain in the neck. In the evenings you do not even have the energy to take it to the local Laundromat. Washio is your answer to this international dilemma. All you need to do is tap on the app, choose the service you require, when you require and someone will come and pick your laundry up at the set time, get it done and returned to you, in readiness for you to wear your suit the next day.

5. Medicast

Thanks to this amazing app, we can now get a doctor on demand rather than rush to the nearest Casualty and wait in a queue to be seen. All you need to do is tap on the app, input your symptoms and choose your doctor, who will arrive and check you out and outline a treatment plan.

If you are thinking of venturing into any of the on demand service apps startups mentioned above or even wants to launch your own startup, find a good developer who will bring your ideas to life and give you the best start to your business.

Author Bio: Lata Motvani, works as Digital influencer at She is used to write on various technology, mobile apps, uber clone app, startup business, on demand services, current affairs, and latest trends.

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