Here’s Why Balanitis Calls for the Need of an Adult Circumcision Surgery

Here’s Why Balanitis Calls for the Need of an Adult Circumcision Surgery

Are you wondering what happens when you encounter the condition Balanitis? Balanitis is a condition when the glans or the head of the experiences swelling. Often, the symptoms include swelling, redness, itching, rash and usually a discharge that has a foul odor (also known as smegma). When both the foreskin and glans swell, this leads to the condition Balanoposthitis.

In most cases, adult men and sometimes boys who do not undergo the adult circumcision surgery have poor hygiene that often targets this condition. By not cleaning the glans, which covers the foreskin, dead skin, bacteria and debris accumulate. This further leads to bacterial infections. If the foreskin experiences phimosis (becomes tight), it makes it hard to keep this area clean because the tightness hinders the foreskin from pulling back.

Eventually, this allows germs to multiply and lead to other things that could cause Balanitis. Sometimes, this condition may also occur due to allergic reactions from perfumes or soaps. In some cases, sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, yeast infection and gonorrhea could also produce symptoms of this condition. Adult men who are diabetic may also get it from the glucose present in the urine, which aids the growth of bacteria. However, this condition seldom occurs in circumcised men.

Other Conditions for the Symptoms of Balanitis

Other conditions for which Balanitis symptoms could often arise include eczema, planus, psoriasis, dermatitis, and lichen. Lubricants, Latex condoms, and spermicides could also cause allergic reactions that lead to the symptoms of Balanitis. When most people visit Circumcision Center for a cure from Balanitis, another reason that experts point out for the occurrence of the symptoms is allergic reactions to detergents that people often use to wash their clothes. Sometimes, these could also cause problems and if you do not rinse them out completely, the irritation can soon lead to symptoms of the condition.

You should note that even the detergents you use to wash clothes could cause problems if you do not rinse them out completely. Since the glans cover foreskin, it can get very moist, which serves as a breeding ground for yeast or bacteria. At such times, excessive washing of the genitals could cause balanitis, due to the irritation.

The good news is that it is easy to diagnose Balanitis. Doctors will first discuss some possible causes with the patient and the things they may try to avoid as well as the recommendation of how to keep the area clean (good hygiene. If you try all the possible measures but still find that nothing actually works, the final option you will have is to seek an adult circumcision surgery.

Circumcision as a Cure for Balanitis

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure that parents prefer for their children at a younger age. However, some people choose to avoid the surgery. If one is able to care the uncircumcised penis, chances are you will not need to opt for the circumcision surgery. Today, circumcision remains a hotly debated topic, whether to go for one or not. Either for aesthetic, religious, or cultural reasons, the need for an adult circumcision surgery may vary.

You should know that the circumcision surgery in adult male involves the surgical removal of the foreskin. The complete removal of the excess foreskin helps to resolve the problems that come along with bacterial infections or poor hygiene.

During the circumcision surgery, your surgeon would inject the base of your penis with a local anesthesia as well as around the shaft of the penis. In most cases, this stage requires a single injection, about 3 jabs. As the surgery goes on, this helps to provide a safe and painless experience during the surgical procedure.

Local anesthesia is one of the most common forms of anesthesia specialist’s use around the wound and it does not put the patient to sleep during the procedure. It helps to lower postoperative pain for the next hour. Further, once the area feels numb, surgeons make incisions for the removal of the entire foreskin, just behind the penis head.  This leaves the head of the penis exposed permanently.

After Surgery Care is Vital

Once the circumcision surgery ends, it is important to take care of the wound. For at least four weeks after the surgery, it is best that you avoid rough activities and intercourse. Resume your daily chores such as driving only when the circumcision area feels comfortable after a gradual recovery. If you feel you have a fever, you can turn to over the counter drugs prescribed by your physicians. However, if the pain or discomfort continues, you should visit your doctor again for a checkup. After the surgery, take care of the bandage, maintain a healthy diet and follow precautionary measures to ensure you get back to your normal lifestyle.

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