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Points to Remember- Cycling Beginners

Do you have the taste of thrill from cycling? Are you thinking of choosing cycling as a new hobby? You do not know much about cycling rules and conditions. Well, after reading this article, you will be pretty much trained in the cycling department at least theoretically. First thing first, do you have a right bike for the hobby? Well, there are several companies selling bikes such as Cannondale bikes, etc. You have to discuss your need and they will find the most suitable bike for you. Once this part is done, now you need to take care of few pointers to have an amazing ride.

Cannondale Bikes

  • Support your head: All these fancy helmets flooding the market are there for some reason. Hence, make use of them and protect your head. You will be surprised to know that out of all cycling mishaps 60% of the deaths are because of head injuries. So, better be safe than sorry. Buy a helmet and other necessary accessories to keep your body secured from any accident or mishaps.
  • Clothing: It looks easy from far, but one needs to keep a track of everything when they want to do something right. Most of the cyclists suggest that you can wear decent padded shorts without underwear during your rides. Do not go overboard with padding, as it will create problems during long rides. In addition, underwear is a big no. Think about it and you can see the difference yourself, once you try.
  • Best fit is necessary: As you have read earlier, buying the right accessory is necessary, well now you can read as to why. People working in different showrooms including Cannondale bikes opine that the need to have the perfect fit in regard to bike is necessary to drive a comfortable ride. During long drives, comfort is the most necessary element of the cyclists and if the bike does not ride for them then they will get tired easily and are more prone towards the crashes.
  • Bike accessories: They are not some fancy little thing, especially if you are thinking about mountain riding. Kneecaps, gloves, elbow pads, goggles are some of the accessories along with helmet you should have to avoid any unwanted circumstance. Protection is the first rule. The goggles are not to make you look good or fool instead they are there to avoid your interaction with bugs, dust and what not and keep your eyes safe.
Road Bicycles

Road Bicycles

  • Gear Shifting: Most of the seasoned bikers suggest that do not make any gearshift as your favorite one. Cannondale bikes as well as other bikes have the options of gear. So always, shift your gear from one to another to keep everything balanced. Your cadence matters. Do not listen to what another people RPM is. Try to focus on your body and work it out by your own strength. It is said that 80-90 RPM is reasonably a good one to balance the things on the road. It creates a good balance between efficiency and comfort. Going below this can help you in terms of oxygen but maybe it can impact your knees too.
  • Bike maintenance: It is your bike, meaning it is your asset and it is your duty to take care of its well-being. Giving 5 minutes, a day is nothing, but it can definitely help your bike in more than one way. While doing this maintenance, make sure that you clean and oil the chains, check the tyre pressure and do not overdo it, clean your bike properly with the soapy water. Your bike will thank you by going as smooth as you wish it to go.

Hope you like the above-mentioned Techniques and understand all the things about Cannondale bikes. Go through this link to get more information.


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