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Several Reasons to opt for Floating Floors

Floating floors is one of the popular types of installing floors. With the passage of time, this kind of installation of flooring has gained wide popularity. There are few factors which enable these floors to stay in place.

  • Confinement: The walls around tend to keep this type of flooring secure. Besides the walls, the molding which is around the edges tends to keep these floors in place.
  • Weight: These floors though light weight is heavy to the right extent so that they can stay in place. A floating floor which is place right around the room tends to weigh around hundreds of pounds.
  • Friction: The underlayment of cushion which is made of either foam or cork can control the required friction under the flooring.
  • Joinery: The installation is as easy as the way the boards can snap together.

Reasons for choosing Floating Floors:

There are multiple reasons for the homeowners to prefer the floating floors as compared to traditional flooring. Having some information on this can help you decide whether this option of floating floor is suitable according to your requirement or not.

Floating Floors

  1. Humidity Changes:
    With a change in the season, humidity tends to rise or fall in all the houses. Building materials tend to contract or expand according to this. If opting for traditional flooring, a homeowner should be prepared for cupping the gaps in the flooring. Floating floors are attached using a click or glue and have tongue and groove designs creating a single unit which tends to contract or expand together. This eliminates cupping and cracks.
  1. Ready to Use Instantly:
    You can enjoy the new floor immediately as there is no waiting period for the floor to settle.
  1. Ease of Installation:
    You can even think of DIY if floating floors are something you want to install in your house. The installation process is quick and easy as all that you need to do is make sure that you secure these together in the right manner. Also, you get saved from making an effort for finding a professional to do the job for you.
  2. Different Choices Available:
    Floating floors are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles. Finding one which blends well with your home.
  1. Affordable Option:

You can save a lot of money when you opt for floating floors. There are no compromises made on the looks of your home but at the same time, this works out as a cost-effective option.

Cleaning a Floating Floor:

There are specific methods of cleaning a floating floor, immaterial whether this is a laminate or wood.  A little bit of an effort put in the maintenance of these floors ensures that these floors last for a long period of time without any problems.

  • Dust mop or sweep these floors every day so that no dust is accumulated on these.
  • In case of spills, you need to clean the same with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser. Make sure you do not use a scrubber which is abrasive.
  • With wax spilling on your floating floor, you need to let this cool and then scrape it in a gentle manner with a plastic scraper. A mild cleanser and a sponge can be used after the scraping.

Besides this, go through the instructions of the manufacturer for the cleaning of these floors. Most of the manufacturers offer tips to maintain these floors.

Before opting for a specific floating floor, it is advisable to list out your requirements. You have these floors available in many materials and colors. It is essential to determine which works best for your home. A little care taken before you decide on a specific floating floor can enhance the looks of your home to a large extent.


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