Top Five Interesting Android Nougat Features You Should Know

Top Five Interesting Android Nougat Features You Should Know


We all know that Android releases the new version of operating system every year. This time it is Android 7 Nougat. Let’s explore the new features this operating system has to offer!

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android seems to be the most preferred operating system for thousands of device vendors and millions of people.

Android was created by the Andy Rubin to power up the smart phone devices. The company later acquired by the Google nearly in 2005. Android is an open source project.

The consistency at which the operating system is developed, maintained and the open source nature has made this operating system the most popular and widely used mobile operating system.

Before the inception of Android there were three major operating systems were dominating the market i.e iOS, Windows, and Symbian. Well, I know about the Blackberry OS but the usage was fairly limited.

If you are bit familiar with tech terms you would know that the Android operating system is actively using the Java and Linux kernel at it’s core.

Android is known for bringing couple of new features, bug fixes, and performance fine tuning with each version releases. And Android 7 is no exception.

Here are the top five Android Nougat features we will be discussing in the article:

#1. The Launcher & Assistant


We all love the vanilla Android experience. It offers the best of the fluid Android experience without any UI tweaks.

With each version the launcher is getting better and keeping up the UX game. This time you may see the square icon pattern replaced by the new round icon across the system.

You may notice the change of app tray drawer icon although the placement is same. The icon server two distinct purposes opening the Google Assistant and app tray launcher.

Speaking of the Google assistant, Google has step up the AI and virtual assistant game. They have integrated the latest virtual assistant with the core of the Android operating system which is currently exclusive to their Pixel lineup only.

For all other non pixel devices there will be the Google now integrated with the core of the operating system which works almost similar like the Google assistant on pixel.

Hopefully the company would make the Google assistant public and available for every devices. It would be an interesting to see how it integrates and works on non pixel devices.

Are you familiar with iOS 3D touch? It utilize the hardware and software combination to open up the App contextual menu. Android 7 achieves the same feature by software only.

It will make all the devices running Android nougat opening the app contextual menu without needing any special hardware required!

#2. Multi Window Support


They seem to have introduced the most awaited feature written and deployed right in the operating system this time.

This might not be the latest innovation as the Samsung is offering this for years on their Note lineup series.

In my opinion this was the on time and proper move as the majority of the Android devices are now having at least 5” or more screen sizes.

There is no meaning having multi window operating on lower than 5” of screen. It may ruin the user experience.

You may have concern that why Android has shipped this feature after the Samsung? Apparently the Samsung is using the android operating system on majority of it’s mobile devices.

When Android is developing and deploying a feature into the core operating system, that feature will be there on millions of devices of various hardware configuration that will be shipped with Android.

The company has to make sure that it works across all the device platforms, hardware profiles, and screen sizes. They need to make sure the feature works on the least possible memory profile.

#3. Quick App Switching

The multi window operating gets even better with quick app switching. If you are a fan of multi window mode, you will probably love this.

When it comes to multi window environment, you probably work with up to two apps simultaneously. This feature makes you work with three apps at a time! Not sure how? Read on.

Double tapping on the multitasking app icon will help you switch between two of the previously used applications.

The integration works fine system wide. Whether you are in multi window mode or you are in the full screen application.

A neat feature while working on multi window mode. On multi window mode hitting the multitasking app icon will replace the secondary application with previously used application!

#4. Notification

Notification gets a smooth makeover with the Android nougat. The notification goes completely flat and full width.

You will see the notification items are now covering the full width of notification area. Which is what we want from a notification tray. More information on the least possible space would serve the purpose well.

The notification are now bundled. Meaning multiple notification from the apps will be bundled together make space for other application’s notification.

Tapping on the application notification will expand the other notification from the same application. Additionally the new notification also contains the reply action.

You can directly reply from the notification area only. You don’t need to open the application and go the reply view to send your reply. You may have experienced this quick reply on latest version of WhatsApp.

#5. Security

With every release of the Android, company seem to be focusing more on security and privacy.

With Android nougat the operating system updates are now integrate in the core operating system. Meaning the OS will keep in sync with server, update the operating system in background while you are focusing on your work.

We all know the multi user feature introduced with the Android Lollipop. Android Nougat has introduced the file level encryption. It help the OS to keep the user’s file secure in multi user environment.

The new version has seem to worked on device boot as well. The device boots and loads even faster. The apps run secure even before you enter the password!

The new version introduced the direct boot, it will make you able to receive the phone calls, notifications and emails while keeping the private information secure.


If you are an Android enthusiast, there are plenty of things for you with the newer version of the Android. Multi window, quick app switching, enhanced security, direct boot, notification makeover, device runtime improvement and battery performance improvement are some of the cool new features you get with Android Nougat.

Author Bio: Darshan is android enthusiast. He has a deep passion for open source technologies. Android is his latest passion. He is the owner of a web application development company.

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