Top 9 Trendy and Popular Cotton Sarees Every Women Should Have


The cotton saree is by far the most widely worn ethnic garment in India and is equally popular for both casual and festive wear in many states all over the country. The cotton saree is quintessential ethnic ensemble which is central to the way of life for women in many states across India.

Prominent states where the cotton fabric saree is favored and worn often are West Bengal, Maharashtra, Orissa, Assam, Tripura and its popularity even extends to the neighboring country of Bangladesh which often reminds one of the Dhakai saree named after the Bangladesh capital Dhaka.

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This widespread popularity of sarees woven from lightweight cotton also means that different variations of these garments are available in different parts of the country. Fortunately nowadays one can easily source different types of cotton sarees online and many of these garments are definitely collector’s items for those who are passionate about wearing sarees. Read further about different kinds of cotton fabric sarees from different parts of India.

#1. Taant Saree

The Taant Saree is a popular variation of cotton fabric sarees indigenous to Bengal. This saree is favored for its crispy and starchy feel but can prove to be trick to wear for first timers. Having made that point, the Taant saree is extremely porous and hence very comfortable during summers.


#2. Khadi Sarees

The Khadi saree is a widely popular variation of the cotton saree and is favored for its coarse fabric. The Khadi looks best in muted shades of white, brown, beige and grey. Match your Khadi saree with a high sheen embroidered blouse for a contrasting look that’s hard to beat.

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#3. Dhakai Saree

The Dhakai saree which is known for its exquisite threadwork originated in Dhaka Bangladesh however nowadays one can easily source these exquisite cotton sarees online.

#4. Lucknowi Chikan Saree

Indigenous to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, the Lucknowi chikan saree is famous all over India for it’s gorgeous miniature threadwork that is more or less floral in nature. Lucknowi Chikan is a form of handcraft that hasn’t been easily replicated in any other parts of the country.


#5. Sambhalpuri Saree

The Sambhalpuri Saree from Orissa is known widely all over India for its intricate embroidery work on the pallu. This saree is genrally available in bright vibrant colors and is a popular form of festive wear.

#6. Cotton Kanjivaram Sarees

Tamil Nadu is famous for both the Kanjivaram Silk and Kanjivaram Cotton Saree. In comparison to the Kanjivaram silk saree, the cotton variation is lightweight and easy to wear, yet as exquisitely embroidered and beautified as the Kanjivaram silk.

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#7. Kotki Saree

This vibrant saree from Bengal known for its temple borders is great for daily wear because of the comfort it provides.


#8. Bomkai Saree

The Bomkai saree from Orissa is known for its exquisite embroidery on the pallu. The saree is characterized by small dots all over the body and a slim border.

#9. Pochampally Sarees

The Pochampally saree from Southern India is available in both silk and cotton variations and is famous for vibrant colors beautiful patterns.

 These are the 9 most popular and trending cotton sarees every women should have. Let us know, which one is your favorite and you are looking to wear this fall.

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