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Types of Bin Services Provided by the Bin Hire Companies

Hiring companies that offer bin services is a common practice wherein instead of taking the load of collecting and disposing of waste themselves, people give the contract to such professionals. These companies take care of disposing the waste from residential or commercial buildings to the suitable waste disposal site.

Since every building has its own requirements, the amount of waste collected differs. While the waste from a residential building would be less than a commercial site, situations such as renovation or construction would also affect the amount and nature of the waste collected. To serve the varying needs and situations, many companies offer different types of waste collection tools and methods. Overall, the skip bins used for collecting the waste are classified into three types: open skip; for easy loading on construction sites, closed skip; for secure collection of a specific volume of waste, and RORO skip; for industrial use.

Size Options of Bins

To suit the varying needs of different customers and situations, companies mostly provide bin hire services comprising of the following types of bins ranging from 2m3 to 31m3:

  1. Mini

Mini bins are the smallest of all the bin sizes, especially designed for carrying the small amount of waste for residential as well as the commercial waste.

  1. Medium

Medium sized bins are the optimal ones as primary bins for a small amount of waste and secondary bins are used for larger projects. Such bins can be available in an optimal 4 or 5 yard size.

  1. Builder’s Size

As the name suggests, this type of bin is large enough to be suitable for building sites. These 6 or 8 yard capacity bins are also suitable for renovation projects at residential areas for accommodating the large rubble or waste collected.

  1. Mega

The next one in size can range up to 10 to 8 yard capacity bin. Such a large-sized bin is suitable for commercial or large residential assignments.

  1. RORO

The Roll-on and Roll-off skip bins are the largest bins with a capacity of about 20 to 40 yards. In addition to their waste-holding capacity, they also consume a lot of space to be placed as well, they are suitable for the industrial area only.

Bin Hire Service

Types of Waste Collected

Depending on these sizes of bins and the policy of the company hired, the waste is collected in different ways and capacities. To segregate the recyclable waste from the rubble, some companies also collect the waste of different types separately or as required. Overall, the types of waste generally collected include the following:

  • General waste from households includes paper, clothes, appliances, grass clippings, kitchen waste, and so on.
  • Green waste such as leaves, shrubs, tree trunks, branches, and so on.
  • Construction waste includes plastic, timber, bricks, and rubble.
  • Heavy waste includes roof tiles, rocks, concrete debris, and bricks.

Broadly, these are the types of services that are commonly provided by the skip bin hire services. You can find one such company for your residential or commercial property as well by either taking references from the friends and neighbors or by searching online for the service providers in your vicinity. You may further ensure their credibility by checking the reviews provided by previous customers on their official website or on various social media sites. Make sure to hire only a reputed company whose professionals are equipped with the latest tools and the required size and capacity of bins suitable for meeting your requirement. Hiring reliable and known professionals would ensure that the waste collection and disposal is carried out optimally while taking care of the safety and hygiene regulations.



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