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Types of Crane Services for Different Industries

Cranes are highly efficient and useful machinery used widely in industries and construction areas for lifting and lowering materials or moving them horizontally. The hoist and wire ropes, and sheaves of the crane help in lifting or transporting heavy materials which would otherwise not be possible for humans to perform by themselves. The varying jobs of different industries require the use of a different model of the crane. Thus, while the construction of a high-end building would require a crawler crane, a transport industry would require a smaller mobile crane for loading and unloading of freight. You need to choose the best type of cranes as per your needs and in this regard, you can consult with the crane services to choose the best cranes. The types of crane service provided by crane companies are broadly divided into mobile and fixed cranes which further have their own categories and models. These include the following:

Mobile Cranes

Crane Services

Crane Services

These are the most basic types of cranes which are mounted on a mobile platform to lift and carry heavy objects. They may be small or full-sized cranes and their mobility makes them flexible to access areas difficult for other types of cranes. The mobile crane is used in those industrial or organizational segments where heavy-duty lifting of items is required, in ship-building yards and in pharmaceutical companies, for example. The four chief types of mobile cranes include:

  • Crawler– This crane is set on undercarriage along with a set of crawler tracks for stability especially on soft ground. They have a capacity of lifting up to 3500 tons of weight.
  • Floating– They are optimal for port or bridge construction to ship loading process. They have the capacity to lift 9000 tons.
  • Rough Terrain– This crane is useful in areas with a rough terrain where a basic mounted crane would fail.
  • Truck-Mounted– They can be used for transporting goods along a highway and have a capacity of up to 1300 short tons.

Fixed Cranes

Crane Services

Crane Services

As the name suggests, the main structure of these cranes is fixed in one place and does not move while in use. This, in turn, increases their stability while reaching greater heights and carrying greater loads of goods. The popular types of fixed cranes include the following:

  • Overhead– Also known as suspended or bridge crane, they are employed in factories for lifting heavy loads. They are also used many construction projects where things need to be lifted and placed in proper construction sites.
  • Tower– These are fixed on a concrete slab and lift goods to a great height. This combination of height and lifting capacity make them useful for construction of tall buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Telescopic– It consists of several pipes fitted inside each other. It is commonly employed in building signal towers, rescue operations, and for lifting boats from the water.
  • Deck– This crane is used for cargo operations in ships and boats when unloading facilities are unavailable. They are mostly electric-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic.
  • Bulk-handling- As opposed to the conventional hook and sling method, it is designed to carry a bucket or shell grab and is thus used for bulk cargos such as minerals, coal, and scrap metal.

These are some of the common services offered by popular models of cranes.  It is recommended to hire a reputable crane service company for the same to ensure that you get only premium quality, ensured, and suitable cranes. You may search online for references on the reputed companies that may provide a range of cranes for your industry at a desirable rate. It is recommended to check for their online reviews and ratings to ensure the credibility of the company.

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