Where to Get Food for Train Travel

As the numbers of people traveling by trains keeps increasing every day, it has become all the more important for the railways to arrange for healthy and hygienic meals for its passengers. In this regard, it has come up with a convenient way for travelers to get food for train travel online.

Food for train travel used to be a huge cause for concern in earlier times when the pantry car was the only source of meals for passengers. When trains ran late, the stocks often dried up and passengers went hungry. Besides, for families traveling with young children and ailing seniors, it was a real challenge to get healthy food for train travel. In such circumstances, e-catering services arranged by the IRCTC have come as a huge relief for long distance train travelers.

These services allow passengers to book for food for train travel either before they start their journeys or even on board their trains. This has turned out to be super convenient for people who need to travel frequently and do not have the time or the means to carry food with them. It is also convenient for senior passengers who may have health restrictions and cannot afford to consume the meals prepared in pantry cars on trains. These people can now enjoy healthy and fresh meals from their preferred vendors.

The website will display a list of vendors which can deliver meals to you. You can choose from amongst these options and place an order for a meal to be delivered at a station specified by you on the site. You must choose from the list of stations that are displayed against your train route on that site. When you have selected the meal of your choice, you can proceed to ay either by car or opt for cash-on-delivery options.

It is possible to pre-order for the meals before you start the journey. You can even use your smartphone to place an order while traveling. But the orders must be placed well in advance so that the vendor can get it ready for you. In case you wish to cancel an order, you may do so in the site itself, or call on their toll-free number in advance. The amount that you may have paid via credit or debit cards is automatically refunded.

Food for train travel has changed remarkably today and passengers are no longer frightened by the prospect of having to travel for long distances on trains. Even if trains are running late, there are enough options to get meals delivered on board. You can select your preferred cuisine type regardless of the places the train may be traveling through. The vendors will delivery only freshly cooked meals in proper bio-degradable packages. The process of ordering is smooth and quick; you can expect to get your meals on time unless there is a delay in the train timings.

You can also enjoy round-the-clock customer service support from these online e-catering services. They are available to help you with the orders and to change these if needed. You can even get custom meals for yourself and your family; for instance, you can get special meals if you are suffering from diabetes. People who want special meals like pure vegetarian meals or Jain meals can do so now easily. These show how e-catering services have made it super easy for travelers to get food for train travel

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