8 Reasons Why Business Needs to Focus on Vendor Spend Management

Your suppliers are the most crucial thing to the success and profit of your organization. In short they are the heart of the many process and activities happening within the business organization. However you might want to consider, how effective is it for you and your organization to manage the relationship you are having with them. And when it comes to vendor management, nothing more nothing less vendor spend management is something that has to be considered as a part of your business strategy.

how to manage business expenses

Unfortunately, vendor management is something that is not well understood or implemented by the businesses today. Though you might not understand the advantages, you might gain through purchasing and vendor management software, we would here help you understand the importance outlining why vendor management needs to be a top priority in businesses today.

Being Prepared For The Next Negotiation

Do make sure that you have the required information you need in order to inform your decision making process. Grade each and every vendor through actual performance vs expected performance, optimizing the expenditure in the right manner. And as a result documentation is generally considered to be the major key during the next negotiation.

Having A Loyal Relationship

It’s always good when you continue to remain loyal, as long as it does not come to the significant costs. Just like you the vendors would also want to have a long term relationship with the clients, and when you demonstrate your willingness to remain royal month after month, you would here likely to have better deals as well as an access to the expert or insider knowledge about every product and service that you use. By remaining with the same vendor, you could potentially reap with the larger savings.

Knowing Who Are Adding Your Business At A Risk

The main purpose of vendor risk management is determining vendors who are critical, in short understanding and knowing who are adding your business at a risk.

So, make use of your time and focus on the high risk vendors that could jeopardize the reputation of you and your business organization.

Accessing It From Any Point Anywhere

As vendor management is something that turns out to be the most important thing today, you would here need to have a greater access to each and every information related to your business organization.

Being the best in class web software would enable you and the others in the organization have an access to the centralized information on any desktop, laptop, smartphone or say tablets.

Sharing Your Goals

Your vendors are in the businesses too, which means you would here have to share some of the goals in the organization. When you have your goals being explained along with the priorities, you would here have to create a feeling of partnership that could strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, ensuring that the products and services being offered are based on their needs.


Say for example, allowing your vendors know about the new products launched that would again require a quick turnaround or other resources from their end, anticipating your needs and achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.

Sick Of Missing Yet Contract Expiration

Imagine yourself receiving email reminders for expiring contracts at a customisable intervals prior to the expiry date. And in just one click you could here have the access to vendor contract details from anywhere on any device to your organization.

Stop Getting Beaten Up By Your Auditors

Your auditors would here want to know that the company has their system in place that does more than store your vendor’s name and phone numbers.

So, imagine when you are able to accurately view the documents, that are critical and supervisor tasks that are essential to your auditors. A web based vendor management solution could do all this and more.

Protecting Your Brand

Your company brand would here hold a lot of value. And it’s obvious you would not wish to harm it due to an action that is unethical or unprofessional to you and your organization.

A vendor spend management program could here provide you with all the information that you need starting from the suppliers social to the environmental standards, reducing the risks of serious incident stemming from the vendors actions.

To conclude an effective and value added vendor management would here require a two way communication, asking the right set of questions and following the best practices as in the strategic sourcing. So what are the other major reasons you would like to add to the list above. Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

Melissa PattersonAuthor Bio: Over 5 years of her experience in procurement management software, Melissa Patterson has made great strides in helping many companies to take care of their travel expenses. Her in-depth knowledge about managing travel expenses comes by using latest technologies to keep it under control. She is currently writing articles about Expenzing’s corporate expense management software as a freelancer.


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