Floor Polishing

Why Go for Floor Polishing and What Options You Have?

The floor is an important element of your home decor, it certainly becomes vital to take care of its aesthetic appeal. There are various types of flooring options available in the market and wooden floor is one of the most aesthetically appealing one. The warm feel and look of the wooden floors can instantly attract anyone. No doubt, wooden flooring is costlier when compared to other flooring options. So, it is vital that you should take good care of the same.

With the passage of time, wooden floors lose their shine and luster, which makes them look dull and exhausted. Fortunately, you can revive them up with the help of floor polishing. There are many companies available that provide such services at affordable rates. Once the floor of your living space or even workplace is polished properly, the floor will get back its rich tones and attractiveness. Polishing enhances the durability of the floor, making them capable of withstanding the harsh elements of climate.

But when it comes to hiring a service provider of floor polishing, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Some service providers can make a hole in your wallet, while some may impress you with their budget-friendly services. But, you can go with the idea of DIY also. There are kits available, and if you have the manpower, like three or four members in your family who can carry out this task, you can save the labor cost. But, keep in mind that professional touch really matters.

Floor Polishing

Knowing About the Cost of Polishing

The cost is calculated on the basis of per meter square. It ranges from USD 25 to USD 36 per meter square. The price depends on the type of floor your house has, and also on how old it is. If the floor is really in a bad shape, the amount of material required for polishing will be more, which in turn would increase the cost of polishing. If the floor has many cracks and holes, the cost of putting will be higher. So, you have to keep these factors in mind.

The next factor that determines the cost of polishing is the type of finish you want to opt for. Some of the main options available are-

    • Solvent-based polyurethane is the one you need to choose if you are looking for toughness, because, it can make the floor highly durable. But, since this solvent comprises of volatile organic compounds, therefore you will have to wait until the solvent dries, otherwise walking on the floor can be quite harmful.

    • If you are looking for a finish that is more apt for medium-traffic regions then water-based polyurethane is the best option. This kind of solvent does not take much time to dry, which makes it highly popular for the residential spaces. After all, your living space will not remain engaged for too long.

    • Varnishes that are oil based are still in vogue, and it is preferred by a lot of people. Even though this option takes a plenty of time to dry, it is really effective for high-traffic areas.

Nowadays, you can also pick from a wide range of gloss levels, such as matte finish and high gloss finish. If you are ready to shell out good amount of money, you can also opt for satin finish. When it comes to choosing a service provider for floor polishing, you must check out the portfolio of the company, and also ask for a few references to know about its service quality. You can also gather some information online about the company.

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