Best Android Apps for Planning Your Budget

10 Best Android Apps for Planning Your Budget

Nowadays, with continuously changing trends, people have forgotten the art of management. Be it management about time, money or even their schedule. All such happens because of so many reasons, though we are not here to deliver some motivation so that you can push your managing game, we are here to how you can manage your life, especially the budget. Today, where the prices of the smallest item have been increasing, it is very much hard to manage the monthly or yearly budget for a family.

Here are some smartphone apps that you can use to manage and plan your budget. So, let us go through each one of them in detail.

 #1. Mint

Mint is a powerful cross-platform tool that lets you keep track of your finances easily. You get additional features to add your vehicles, and properties too. The layout is colourful, clear and displays your overall financial expenditure in an intuitive manner. You can check the details about your spending trends also, along with the habits that you might need to change to improve your financial status. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. There is also a web version that you can make use of on a Mac or Windows PC.

Download Mint

#2. Financial Calculators

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Financial calculators is an Android platform based app that lets you give the functionality of several calculators compiled in a single one. You get a loan calculator to calculate your interest. You can also calculate the return on investment for your purchases. This app won’t let you save money directly but will help you not to make any bad decisions for upcoming purchases. There is also a paid version available on the Google Play Store which unlocks all the calculations.

Download Financial calculators

#3. Monefy

Monefy has built-in support for various currencies, and the app is known for its easy to understand user interface. You can add the details regarding your purchases easily with a single tap. The app manages your data perfectly using the DropBox based cloud storage. For privacy, an addition lock mode is provided so that nobody else can snatch your budget maintenance data.

Download Monefy

#4. Money Manager

The money manager, the simple the name the simpler are its functions. It features a more visual approach towards saving the budgeting data instead of a just number, figures and statistics. You’ll also see the benefits of passcode lock, asset management, instant stats and bookkeeping. Backup and restore feature available so that you can manage data between devices. The app is available for trial for free, and there is also a paid version that unlocks premium features.

Download Money Manager

#5. Every Dollar

Every Dollar is developed by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey that allows you to add your personal financing and budgeting data to eight categories. These eight categories are:

  1. Giving
  2. Savings
  3. Housing
  4. Transportation
  5. Food
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Insurance and Taxation
  8. Debt

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You can also add your own tailored categories just in case the app misses out on anything specific to your budget, but that is very unlikely to happen. You can choose the option of ‘baby steps’ from the app menu to show where you stand with each of the goals that you’ve set within the app.

Download Every Dollar

#6. My Budget Book

My Budget Book is a serious of all. It lets you mention your limits and within those limits how much you are spending on expenses can be tracked and managed. You can decide using the tabs, for which item you want to spend how much money. Unfortunately, there is only the paid version available and there is no cross-platform support. To get the free version of this app, you can try app stores such as Blackmart or Mobogenie that provide paid apps for free!

Download My Budget Book

#7. My Finances

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My Finances is just another budgeting app that lets you save your financial data. Cloud and cross-platform support is built in. you can manage multiple accounts at a time to manage your one and many budgeting profiles. The app is highly customisable and allows repetitive expenses.

Download My Finances

#8. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is amongst the most popular app for planning your budget. The app lets you track your expences, income and have some other basic budgeting tools built in. cross platform support of the app lets you sync the data between devices such as iOS, Android and Windows (Web version).

Download GoodBudget

#9. Google Sheets

If you are old school and always like the concept of writing your expenses down, the Google Sheets will be the best option for you. Google Sheets give you the ability of using all sorts of mathematical formulas so that you can manage your budgeting. Simple, sober, intuitive and free that’s Google Sheets for you.

Download Google Sheets

#10. Wallet

Wallet is another app and the name of the app speaks for itself. The app claims that it can help your finances to boost up, of course by using the manager that is built in the app. It syncs the balances and the financial data with your actual bank account. The app is free to download but you need to make some in-app purchases to unlock more features.

Download Wallet

So, these were some of our all-time favourites. Let us know how you manage your expenses.

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