10 Best PC Keyboards of 2016

You must have realized this many times; when you are drafting an email or doing text based conversation in your smartphone, you wish to have a keyboard attached to it for faster typing and convenience. In the world of latest technologies, keyboards are still considered as one of the essential input device.

In recent times keyboards have been used for many purposes apart for typing. The tasks include playing games, easy control of favorite applications and much more.

Keyboards no longer just have the usual alphabetical keys and the numeric keys but a lot more keys than you can ever imagine. Keyboard switches also vary widely. Some keyboards use rubber domes over thin plastic layers to create keystrokes. Others use mechanical keyswitches with a variety of distinct parts. People typically prefer mechanical keyswitches because they offer a refined typing experience, but rubber domes tend to be cheaper and easier to manufacture in odd shapes. Our list provides a variety of different models and switches. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard in particular, you should check out a GoMK article that covers the best keyboards for every budget. They also have a great resource for learning more about mechanical keyboards in general. These are the ones which have some special keys, shortcut keys to launch application and a lot more involved.

The keyboards we are mentioning here are not the common ones, they stand apart and are quite unique and cool. Lets take a look at the list of 10 Best PC Keyboards :

1. Logitech G310 Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G310 Keyboard is  a sophisticated gaming keyboards  and the data transfer rate of the keyboard is quite high as it is  powered by 2 hi-speed USB 2.0 ports. The keyboard has a multiple-key usage feature where in the gamer can press in 5 keys at one.

The keyboard has  a color GamePanel LCD on the top which shows the game information, stats, system info, video playback and a lot more detail required  by the game. The screen resolution is 320 * 240 px. The keyboard has back-lit characters which makes it possible to be used while gaming in dark and can be easily personalized with your setup.

2. Optimus Tactus

The Optimus Tactus Keyboard does not have physical keys which makes it unique and there are no restrictions on the size and shape. The keyboard has a featured where in any part of it can be programmed to perform any task or display and images.

The keyboard has 2 modes which is the typing and the other is video mode, where in any video of your choice can be set to view. The keyboard is still as a concept and hopefully would go into production and once it has been launched am sure it would sell like hot cakes.

The Optimus Tactus Keyboard and other concept keyboards by Art Lebedev can be explored more here.

3. Amex Digital Touch-Screen Wireless Keyboard

The Amex Digital Touch-Screen Wireless Keyboard is the perfect combination for any high-end computer. The wireless keyboard has no hassles of wires and works for a longer period of time due to longer-lasting recharge batteries.

The keyboard uses 2.4 GHz RF Technology which enables the user to sit 30 feet away and operate the system without any interference. The keyboard has a Windows Media Center button which has access by just a touch. The neat media controls also allows the user to navigate song tracks and manage the volume controls.

4.  Wolf King Warrior XXtreme

The Wolf King Warrior XXtreme usb gaming keyboard looks just like a bigger gaming pad.  The keys emit a blue light which enables gamers to game in the dark. The keyboard has got a 3-layer silicon membrane for extremely quiet use.

This keyboard is highly recommended for the ones who want to game for 24 hours a day. The keyboard also has 2 elevation risers which enables to adjust the height. The company says the life of the keyboard is over 10 million keystrokes.

5. Maltron Single-Handed Keyboard

These special keyboards have been designed to perform keyboard operation with a single hand.The keyboard has been designed in a special way as it has a limited number of keys which can be accessed comfortably and quickly. They have a feature of Push-On Push-Off keys for Alt, Shift and Control functions which is very essential for single hand operation.

6. Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard

The illuminated keyboards are quite robust and are easy to handle due to its flexible material. The keyboard has been made from high quality silicone material. The illuminated features makes it usable in the night-time.

The keyboard is dust and water proof which makes it very easy to clean. The keyboard is ultra-portable and can be carried to work or almost anywhere.

7. Smartfish Technologies K2418B Reflex ErgoMotion Keyboard

The keyboard has been specially designed to eliminate wrist and hand stress. The keyboard has a special patented motion system which studies the frequency of your typing and change the wrist and the hand position while you work on it. The ergonomic keyboard has been designed in collaboration with HSS (Hospital for special surgery).

8. Tipro Custom Assembled Keyboard

Tipro Custom Assembled Keyboard is a fully customizable keyboard which has a modular design which gives it a highly flexible designed layout. There are custom key caps available for the keyboard.

The keyboard features superior and sophisticated mechanical long travel key switches and a metal carrying plate. The company guarantees a 12 month return warranty.

9. Kinesis Advantage Computer Keyboard

The keyboard has been designed for both style and comfort. It has been designed ergonomically with all the features which are absent from the regular USB keyboards. The keyboard has been specially made for those who would be working for long hours on the computer.

It can be easily customized further with Mac or Windows. There is Dvorak layout available which can added for a further 25$. The price of this keyboard is $300. Yes it’s worth it!!.

10. Virtual Laser Keyboard

The Celluon laser keyboard also known as the Virtual Laser Keyboard is the perfect business gift. The keyboard operates in total darkness and it operates on Bluetooth HID technology which is compatible with a iPhone, iPad, any smart phone, PDA.

It uses a laser beam which generates a full size keyboard which easily can be detected by your devices. The keyboard is available for $179.

Let us know if you have such a keyboard or plan to buy one 🙂 .


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