10 Fashion Rules For Hijabis In Their 40s

Even if you are in your 40s, there is no fashion trend that you cannot follow; however, you will need to adapt it according to your age. Some people are of the view that wearing hijab restricts modern appearance and hijabis cannot look fashionable; yet the truth is that hijabis are highly concerned about getting a perfect fashionable look.

As a hijabi, you can look incredibly beautiful and classy even in your 40s. You just need to follow the right fashion rules according to your age. Do not overdo anything or try too hard.

Here are 5 fashion rules for hijabis to utilize in your 40s to look stunning:

1. Accessorize Carefully

Women in 40s need to be very conscious about choosing the right accessories with their hijab look. Starting with your hijab pins, when buying a hijab choose a pinless wrap so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your pins. Select minimal accessories that will make you appear elegant. Whenever you buy accessories, never compromise on design and quality; buy few but buy best.

2. Avoid Too Clingy Or Too Tight

Whatever you wear with your hijab, do not forget to maintain a balance in your look. Especially when you are in your late 40s, avoid things that are too tight and clingy. If you want to wear something tight light leggings, pair it up with something loose on the top (or the other way around); maintain proportion and do not overdo anything.

3. Choose Long Cardigans

Undoubtedly, long cardigans along with long vests can help you achieve an attractive hijab look. Wearing long cardigans with a matching head scarf looks adorable. If you are in your 40s, you can also choose a contrasting head scarf. This is the best way for a slimmer and modest look.

4. Oversized Tops And Cropped Pants

With the advancement in fashion industry, new styles have been introduced, while old ones occasionally make a come-back. One of the most prominent fashion trends these days is the oversized tops worn with hijab. Hijabis in their 40s can wear oversized tops with combination of cropped pants. As a fashion hint, you can achieve an effortless classy look by wearing stripes (vertical ones would be a better choice).

5. Light Fabric And Right Size

The fabric is an important consideration for suitable hijab look. Cotton is the best choice especially for summers as the material is light, easier to deal and sets well in place. Do not opt for materials that are difficult to manage, because you need to appear graceful. Not only the styles, colors and designs matter but size of your hijab is equally important.

6. Wear Light Makeup

If you put on a lot of makeup, it will make you appear out-of-place and you will be irritated by accusing looks of onlookers. If you want to appear as a timeless beauty, wear light makeup.

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7. Go For Long Skirts

Certainly, skirts are the best way to look smart and young. It is one of the best outfits for those who are in their 40s, as it not only covers your body completely but also gives a modest look. Wearing a hijab along with a long skirt is an awesome combination.Draping with the right material that falls perfectly is a classy look.

Women in 40s prefer knee-high skirts but hijabis prefer to cover themselves properly, so long skirts are a best choice. If you play well with the colors and material, this is a totally flawless look. Skirts are a preferable choice during summers, because in summers women are interested in wearing those dresses that are more airy and less sticky.

8. Choose The Right Color Combination

Whatever you wear as a hijabi, choose the color combinations wisely. In today’s fashion industry, dealing with color combination is not a big deal; however, when it comes to wearing a hijab, you must be bit conscious. Either go for a hijab that matches your dress or play around with colors and opt for a complementary color combination.

9. Mirrored Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses with your hijab adds charisma to your glamorous look. Nonetheless, you have to choose sunglasses sensibly; mirrored sunglasses are the top trend for 2019. An important fashion rule is that when you decide to wear sunglasses with your headscarf, it is better that the scarf is plain or without any patterns.

10. Longs Coats Are Still In Fashion

As far as the winter season is concerned, never hesitate to wear hijab with long coats. It ensures a highly sophisticated look. Additionally, women in their late 40s are often hesitant to wear skirts and jeans,therefore long coats are the best substitute which keeps the grace of their age alive.

Being a hijabi in 40s does not mean that you cannot follow fashion trends – it only calls for being cautious about which trends you follow and how you adapt them according to your age. 40s is an age of elegance, and you dressing choice as a hijabi should reflect that elegance.

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