Christmas Presents for Coffee Lovers

11 Christmas Presents for Coffee Lovers

Have a coffee enthusiast on your Christmas list? More than likely! After all, the Statista Global Consumer Survey found that 44 percent of Americans drink two to three cups each day. So clearly, we have an obsession.

Here are 11 of the absolute best Christmas presents for coffee lovers–from practical gadgets to thoughtful timeless coffee makers.

1. Coffee Stain Removers

Most coffee lovers are already well aware of how much their daily delicious drinks stain their teeth. But guess what? There’s something you can help them do about it! Fill a coffee mug with coffee-related items and slide in a few items to bring back those pearly whites. Get them an on-the-go teeth whitening pen that can quickly prevent new stains from setting. Stain erasers can also be an excellent compact tool, allowing the recipient to remove stains from not only coffee, but red wine and dark drinks.

2. Collapsible, Reusable Metal Straw

Another handy tool to prevent teeth from turning yellow? A simple straw. Straws are great for sipping coffee beverages that can cause stains. And yes, even with all that cream! So why not give your coffee-loving friend or family member a collapsible, reusable metal straw that they can use time and time again. Simply fold it up, store it in its carrying case and wash it once you get home. Not only does a reusable straw make a thoughtful gift, but it reduces waste and saves tons of plastic straws from being thrown away.

3. Coffee-Scented Self-Care Kit

One thoughtful DIY gift is to put together a coffee-themed self-care kit. Think coffee-scented candles that remind them of sitting in a Parisian cafe or hipster coffee shop. That way, they can wake up to it in the bathroom each morning or place it on their home office desk–from pumpkin spiced lattes to dark and bold Turkish coffees. You could also add a coffee body scrub to give them radiant, glowing skin. Packed with nutrients and thought to reduce cellulite, a coffee scrub can leave their body feeling nice and smooth after a relaxing bath. There are even coffee-flavored lip balms to keep their puckers from chapping in the winter months.

4. Coffee Subscription

If they’re an adventurous coffee drinker, give them a gift that keeps on giving–a coffee subscription! Whether you choose a monthly or seasonal subscription, it’s sure to delight them with a package of never-before-tried, delicious coffees. Check out memberships from the Coffee Atlas Club, Trade Coffee or even a monthly subscription to their favorite Starbucks, Blue Bottle or Stumptown coffee roasters.

5. Coffee Mug Warmer

If you know someone who day after day zaps their coffee in the microwave because they get distracted or busy, get them a coffee mug warmer. This convenient little device can keep their mug warm longer so they always have a hot sip of coffee. Check out some of the best coffee mug warmers and find them a color or style that fits their personality.

6. French Press Coffee Maker

If they don’t already own one, get your coffee lover a French press. These classic coffee makers are super easy and result in a rich taste. Plus, there are countless varieties of French presses in all sizes and finishes. You can choose a glass container or solid carafe-like press that keeps it warmer longer. French presses also work amazingly well at steeping coffee for cold brews, in case your giftee prefers iced coffee.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Of course, if they only drink iced coffee, give your coffee lover a dedicated cold brew coffee maker. Cold brew coffee makers are specially designed to get the most out of your grounds, making sure your iced coffee is good and strong. Most cold brew makers are quite simple to use! All you have to do is add beans and water and let it steep overnight. And voila! You have coffee ready for the next morning!

8. K-Cup Pod Carousel

If your coffee-loving giftee enjoys the convenience of a K-cup coffee maker, they’re going to love this! Help them keep their coffee-making station organized with a K-cup carousel. This way, each morning, all they have to do is give it a whirl and choose their daily brew. It doesn’t have to be a carousel either. There are also K-cup pod drawers that allow you to stack the coffee maker on top. Whatever you choose, a K-cup pod organizer makes a fantastic gift for a Keurig coffee lover.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

9. Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker

Many coffee lovers and aficionados agree that the classic Moka espresso maker is a work of art. This Italian coffee maker doesn’t even require specially sized filters or plastic pods, reducing waste entirely. All it needs is a stovetop (or even a camp stove for your outdoorsy coffee lovers) to boil water and create an incredibly delicious brew. If your recipient loves coffee, the Bialetti, along with a French press and Chemex, is a must-have coffee maker for their shelf.

10. Travel Mug

A coffee lover could always use a new travel mug. Some of the very best travel mugs can keep hot liquids hot for seven hours or more and beverages like an iced coffee cold for 18+ hours. Plus, it offers a reusable option when they swing by their favorite coffee shops. With countless colors, finishes and patterns to choose from, make sure to get them something that fits their personality. Also, pay attention to the mouthpiece and ensure it can be covered, keeping coffee from accidentally spilling.

11. Espresso or Coffee-Flavored Treats

Another great Christmas present for coffee lovers is coffee-flavored treats. Perfect as stocking stuffers, head to any market or grocery store for some delicious snacks, such as pop-in-your-mouth chocolate covered espresso beans or decadent espresso-infused chocolate bars. In the same vein, coffee syrups also make an excellent gift, letting them make their own cafe-inspired coffee drinks right at home. One thing’s for sure–these addicting treats will not last for long!

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