Microadventure Ideas to Try

Mini Explorations: 14 Microadventure Ideas to Try

Are you hip to the microadventure? We’re all looking for fun ways to spice up our daily lives as we recover from the craziest year yet, so it’s no wonder the microadventure has gained some serious steam in the past few months. It’s a fun, simple way to get your thrills without all the stress, money and time commitments of classic travel. What could be better?

What Is a Microadventure?

Like its name suggests, this hot travel trend is all about adventuring on the micro level. A microadventure strives to fit the fun, exciting and thrilling into a short timeframe, whether it be an hour or a weekend. Microadventures are meant to be spontaneous and low-maintenance. No in-depth planning, no time off work and no excessive packing. Easy-breezy and tons of fun!

14 Fun Microadventure Ideas

1. Go for a Night Hike — Hiking plus stargazing equals a microadventure to remember! Night hikes are an awesome way to see your favorite paths and trails in a new light. Just remember to dress in layers (we’re all about a quality merino wool base layer) and bring a flashlight or headlamp.

2. Go Geocaching — Geocaching is the perfect micro day adventure for the explorer who loves finding hidden treasures. This popular activity has been described as “the world’s largest treasure hunt” because it sends you on the chase for all sorts of secret caches out in the world. Getting started with geocaching is super easy and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

3. Throw Dice at a Map and Drive — Got a large-scale map of your county or state? Why not toss a die and see where it lands? If it lands in a rural area, choose the closest city or town so you have somewhere to explore when you arrive. Limit yourself to a two-hour drive and make it a day trip. If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, stay overnight!

4. Go Swimming in a Rock Quarry — Sure, we’ve all swam in lakes and pools, but have you ever taken a dip in an old quarry? In many areas, former mining sites have been turned into recreational pools filled with natural water so you can take a dip surrounded by Mother Earth. If you can’t find a quarry for your swimming needs, a woodsy river makes a nice alternative.

5. Be a Tourist in Your Town — Have you ever thought about taking a vacation…in your own town? This is a fantastic way to see your city through a whole new lens. Grab a guidebook and check off one or two of the most popular tourist attractions that you haven’t done before or in a while.

What Is a Microadventure

6. Stay in a Nice Hotel for a Night — No matter if you’re an ocean away or a block away, something about staying in a hotel makes you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere special. Consider booking a nice suite in a hotel nearby and staying the night while you tour your own town.

7. Take a Train Ride — No matter if it’s a scenic railroad, a passenger train or a historic locomotive, buying a ticket for a train is one of the best ways to feel like you’re going on a good old-fashioned adventure.

8. Go for a Long-Distance Bike Ride — Cycling is one of the best ways to cover lots of ground relatively quickly and cheaply. And with bike lanes and recreational trails popping up all over the place in every city and state, it’s easier than ever to use your two-wheeler to see the world. Consider hopping on the saddle and getting out of Dodge for the day on your bike.

9. Go Backcountry Camping for a Night — There’s a whole wide world of backcountry camping opportunities for you to discover, and it doesn’t require any crazy equipment or complex planning. Just make sure to pack your warmest gear and camping essentials, including some merino wool apparel to keep you dry and toasty at night. Quick tip: Opt for woolen leggings for women because they thermoregulate and help manage sweat.

10. Eat at a New Restaurant — Microadventures can be as big or as small as you’d like them to be. Something as small as dining at a new restaurant in a neighborhood you’re not familiar with may be all the adventure you need. Just make sure it’s out of your comfort zone, either in terms of cuisine or location.

11. Go to a Museum You’ve Never Been to — Even if you’re the most dedicated local explorer, chances are there are probably some local museums you haven’t toured. For even more excitement, head a town or two over and explore local museums. Remember to be open-minded and you might find some quirky options like the Museum of Bad Art or the Dog Collar Museum.

12. Go Horseback Riding — Something about horseback riding feels so adventurous, even if you’re just doing it at the local stables. Try to head out on the trail in nature to soak up some fresh air and see some serene sights.

13. Go to the Countryside — Vacating the city is an excellent way to clear your mind and get reacquainted with the simpler things in life. Some great ways to experience the rural lifestyle for a night include visiting Amish country, staying overnight on a farm or simply taking an aimless drive through farmland.

Fun Microadventure Ideas

14. Stay at a Vineyard — Enjoy some peace, quiet and a little bit of wine by spending the night at a vineyard. Many vintners are happy to host nightly guests in on-premises suites or cottages. Enjoy a wine tasting or two, watch the sunset and then hit the hay.

Want a bit of excitement with minimal hassle? We’re here to help you challenge the notion of the adventure. Not all adventures have to be grand or costly. They may be cheap, local and right around the corner. Try some of these great microadventure ideas the next time you want a bite-sized getaway!

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