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15 Best Tips To Travel Around The World

I have had many experiences after constantly travelling for 10 years. There are some travel mishaps which you can avoid; however, some of them become an indispensable part of travelling. Simply you can’t set a plan for everything you have to experience. That is the reason you should keep some necessary things in mind to go travel much easier. Here are top 15 best tips to travel around the world:

1. Make A List

Before each your trip a week or so, you should make a list of essential things. This procedure is simple, but important for a nice trip. You cannot remember something if you do not write it down.

2. Remember To Bring One Or Two Extra Camera Batteries

Have you ever felt unhappy when you wanted to take epic sunset photos but realized that your camera battery was dead and you didn’t have other one? So, you should bring at least two camera batteries on your trips in order that you don’t miss any perfect shots.

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3. Copy Your Important Documents

When travelling, if you lost or do not bring your passport or important documents, this can cause many unexpected problems of missing your travel or paying a penalty fee. Therefore, you should be careful about keeping your passport’s copied documents from the actual passport and a copy of your important documents in each separate bag.

4. Plan Your Outfits

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Because I am lazy to plan my outfits, I have spent too a lot of trips with all gray or all black outfits. Every time I look back at that photos and wish to put more effort in packing. So, before packing, preparing your outfits will make you more attractive and have many impressive photos.

5. Save Hotel Address And Your Room Number In Your Phone

I guess that I am not the only one who often forget the room number and hotel address. This really is trouble that you don’t want to face. So, remember to save them in your phone or your notebook.

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6. Be Careful When Using Free Public WIFI

Using free WIFI at a public place such as an airport or a station is not usually safe to log into bank accounts or enter any other passwords. You should just use to search simple information. When you book a hotel, it is better if the hotel has a password for its wifi and you do not worry about your personal information and bank accounts.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Using suncreen is effective for protecting you from ultraviolet rays of the sun and other harmful agents. This seems just something you do a daily basis, but it is particularly important while travelling.

8. Take Many Photos

They will be the best souvenirs that every time you look back.

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9. Leave Room For Spontaneity

When travelling, most people have a tend to plan all of their itinerary ahead of time. This will make their trips easy, however, sometimes those unplanned moments are able to be the best memories while travelling.

10. Notify Your Bank & Credit Card Company

When planning your travel, this is a good habit to get into your cards while you are overseas if you do not want your bank or credit card company to meddle in them.

11. Dispart Your Sources Of Money

Placing all of your cash as well as cards in one spot is really an unwise action if it is lost. Usually, you should hide some cash and a couple of credits/bank cards in several different bags which are not the same as your wallet.

12. Ask The Locals

The fastest way to know the best restaurants, the most delicious coffee shops or wonderful places to watch the sunset, etc. is to ask the locals because they is ones that know all things about the places they live. This will help you enjoy your trip perfectly.

13. Learn Common Phrases In The Local Language

A few simple common phrases such as “Please”, “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” in the local language will help your trips become more easy.

14. Before You Use Public Transportation, Enquire About The Price

It’s a not bad idea that you can know about the price before taking on a bus, a guagua, or other public transports.

15. Do You Love To Travel?

Do you want to learn how to travel many famous places around the world? I have put together a page of useful and effective travel resources with tricks and tips that I have learned after over ten years for consistently travelling. Learn how to save money to travel, how to make a living while consistently travelling, how I find the appropriate prices on flights and accommodation, how to earn money while travelling, how I start to write a travel blog, etc.

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