How To Promote Bonding In Your Sorority

2 Effective Ways To Promote Bonding In Your Sorority

Going to university and getting a degree is clearly very important. But, just having a degree may not be enough to get the job of your dreams. You also need to show that you have taken part in all that your university has to offer.

Which is exactly why you are a leader in your sorority. It will look great on a resume. But, there are a lot of challenges to leading your sorority and if you can show that you can overcome them then it looks even better.

Bonding with your sisters should be at the top of the list for things to accomplish. And the best way is to get everybody engaged in some games that are fun but also promote relationship building.

In this article, I will go over several of the games that you should be thinking about to achieve this. If you want to take it a step further, then check out cityHUNT who will help you organize these events.

1 – Scavenger Hunt 

Team games are really best for bonding and helping people learn how to work together. And one of the most fun team games is a scavenger hunt. These can even be done virtually if you have to stay socially distant.

The way it works is that you will pick a theme for the hunt. For the sake of this article, let’s make an example with the theme being landmarks around the city where the university is. Since many people will be from out of town, and need to get to know the city, this will be as challenging as it is helpful to acclimate to the new city.

Then you have to make your clues. Basically, the clues need to be sort of riddles so that it isn’t immediately clear what the answer is. Each correct answer gets a score and at the end of the week the highest score wins.

Since the sisters are working in teams, each can use their talents in their own way to help solve the clues.

2 – Paper planes

This is a game that can help you see how others see you and also how you want to be seen. And after playing, everybody will have a better idea about who they are and who their sisters are.

The way to play it is simple. You’ll take a piece of paper and write some things about yourself on it. Try to pick a few things about you that sums you up. You can say something like you’re a country girl, you love animals and that your dream job is to be a vet. Whatever you think makes you tick.

Then you fold up the airplane. Everybody else does the same thing and then they all get thrown around the room. Make sure to really get the planes mixed up.

Then, starting in order, somebody picks up a plane and opens it to read the description written. After reading, that person tries to pick out the person that wrote based on how they think they fit the description.

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