27 Dell S2719dgf MONITOR REVIEW


The best gaming monitors out there let you play the newest, most demanding video games at the highest resolutions while providing a overwhelming gaming experience. But how do you know what to look for? What qualities takes a monitor from just being “okay” to being the best gaming monitor that money can buy? Right now we’re going to take a look at a remarkable monitor, the 27 Dell S2719dgf.

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitor on the market, you can’t do any better than the 27 Dell S2719dgf 23-inch 6 Screen Multi Display, which is more or less perfectly designed for high-end and competitive gaming. The monitor displays crystal clear high-definition images and is multi-display ready as soon as you set it up – no complicated configuration required.

Dellis one of the worldwide leaders in gaming monitor technology. Is it worthy of being called the best gaming monitor of all time? Let’s take a look.

First Impression Of The Monitor

The 27 Dell S2719dgf will be immediately striking the very first time you look at it. Comprised of six individual monitors measuring 23″ each, the 27 Dell S2719dgf effectively surrounds you, fully immersing you in whatever game you’re playing or movie you’re watching. It comes ready to go right out of the box, set up in the configuration you see here. This gaming monitor gives one hell of a “WOW” factor!!

Features And Design

Each monitor on the S2719DGF is full HD. The six monitors each boast a resolution of 1920×1080, giving you the sharpest picture possible. In addition, the 27 Dell S2719dgf has a best-in-class contrast ratio of 3,000:1, meaning that you’ll experience the truest and deepest blacks and the brightest whites. You’ll want to lose yourself in the picture.

Another thing that makes the 27 Dell S2719dgf the very best gaming monitor available is its flexibility. Literally. The S2719dgf series comes equipped with a fully adjustable stand, meaning that it’s easily customized to accommodate just about any desk and chair combination. The tilt function offers 30 degrees of customization, meaning that whatever your environment, the 27 Dell S2719dgf can adapt.

27 Dell S2719dgf


Part of what makes the 27 Dell S2719dgf so flexible is its compatibility with the leading connection interfaces. With available Display Port, DVI and VGA ports, the 27 Dell S2719dgf will work with whatever other equipment you have. This gaming monitor also has just one power connection for ease of use!

27 Dell S2719dgf Gaming Monitor Specs

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (each);
5760 x 2160 (set)
Audio: Does not have integrated speakers
Wall mount support: No: Stand alone unit.
Included video cables: 6 Display Port,
2 DVI,
Backlight: CCFL
Panel Type: LCD
Screen Film: Matte
Number of Presets: N/A
Color controls: In Menu
Gamma controls: N/A
Picture options: Brightness Only
Additional Features: Can also be orientated in 5 or 6 screen portrait (vertical) orientation.
Comes with stand and all accessories in the box.
Power Consumption: Not Vary Energy Sufficient

Performance With Games

You haven’t truly played a game until you’ve seen it at the highest resolution possible on a multi-screen setup like the 27 Dell S2719dgf. You’ll be able to crank your games to the max with this monitor and experience the sharpest picture you’ve ever seen, along with the biggest. The small bezels are a blessing in any multi-screen setup and this is no different. Not only does this 27 Dell S2719dgf gaming monitor use a six-screen configuration, it can handle five screens in the vertical position as well, which is a god send if you are playing first person shooters or even driving games. The 27 Dell S2719dgf works with every desk or gaming set-up and is not likely to tip or wobble even during your most ferocious gaming sessions.

While the 27 Dell S2719dgf has proven itself as the most immersing, most adaptive, and all around best gaming monitor, it’s also the very best monitor for watching movies. Standard DVDs and Blu-ray discs will truly come to life as never before. You’ll be able to pick out details that you’ve never noticed before, thanks to the crystal clear picture.

Performance With Text

For general web browsing needs, the 27 Dell S2719dgf excels. For reading articles or composing messages, text will be crisp and smooth. You are able to move open tabs to separate screens if you wish, making it easier to read everything on one screen, which lets you read for long hours in absolute comfort.

Recommended Settings

As with any monitor, to get the most out of your 27 Dell S2719dgf and truly make it the best gaming monitor you’ve ever bought, you’ll want to make use of the included instructions and dive into the intuitive menus to get a feel for what the monitor is capable of. The 27 Dell S2719dgf comes with a very easy to use Multi Control Pad that allows you to adjust settings on the fly and control up to six of the monitors at the same time. Gaming monitors, even the very best ones, rarely have this level of control and customization. You’ll want to tailor settings such as contrast and brightness to your taste; just take care not to bring the brightness up too high, or you’ll make the picture look washed-out.


Reviewers on Amazon.com have been quick to praise the 27 Dell S2719dgf, agreeing that it is among the best gaming monitors they’ve experienced. The price tag will give pause to some, but people who have made the purchase are quick to say that it was worth every penny, as it will be providing many long years of cutting-edge gaming performance.

If you’re ready to experience games and movies as never before, it’s time to experience the best gaming monitor on the market today. The 27 Dell S2719dgf is truly a marvel, offering a gaming experience that is not only a beautiful centerpiece for any room, but also a performance powerhouse.

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