3 Reasons Why a Playground is a Good Investment for Your Children

Early childhood care and development specialists agree that play is crucial to the development of young children. In fact, play is part of the studies of family life and child development (ECCD and FLCD) because it promotes a better understanding of young people’s behaviours, especially when dealing with difficulties.

Though it may seem quite far-fetched that playing has such a huge an impact on young lives, the fact that play figures prominently in child development and psychology is actually backed by several studies.

Therefore, if you are thinking of making smart investments for your children to help them become the good people you want them to grow up to be, play items or equipment are some of the best ones to consider. If you have the financial means to build a playground for them, do so because playground time will benefit them in many ways.

To further prove this point, listed below are three reasons why a playground is worth building for your kids.

1. You give them their “domain.”

A playground is where children can be what they want to be. There are not a lot of restrictions for them (unless they have the inclination for dangerous stunts), and they can pretty much use any play equipment however they want to.

Basically, in a playground, you can let them loose and not worry so much about what they are doing because the timber cubbies and sandpits, swings and slide, most of the time, already dictate the potential activities for play.

However, they can also get as creative as they want to be with their approaches to play. Nobody can tell them that the swing is not a boat in treacherous waters, or the timber cubby is not some enchanted or magical kingdom.

It is worth noting, too, that building a playground for your kids provides them with an escape. You will find that anytime they are at odds with situations inside your home, they will head to the playground for some “me” time because it is “their” space.

2. Play dates are easier.

With a playground at home, you have the opportunity to open your property for “socialisation.” You can set up play dates with your friends’ children, which will allow your own kids to meet new people.

Your children can learn the value of sharing and opening their own world to others as well. They may also learn how to organise events for a more enjoyable get-together such as themed parties and specific games like scavenger hunts.

3. You can stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Play equipment can trigger your children’s creativity. As previously mentioned, in the eyes of young children, play apparatus can become anything they want them to be. The creativity that always comes alive when they’re in the playground can eventually become a habit that helps them in their daily lives.

For instance, children who get to play on a swing set quite often learn the dynamics of gymnastic flips quite easily. A lot of cheerleaders actually say that they learned to do their basic flips with the help of a swing. It’s a little dangerous stunt but that’s simply how they learned to do advanced skills with their body.

A lot of other skills are cultivated through imaginative playground play. Even soldiers who train on obstacle courses will say that a lot of the moves they use to conquer obstacle courses were first learned through imaginative play in the playground.

Creating a Home Playground Benefits Parents Too

Having a home playground can do so much for parents’ sanity. You can avoid being on the receiving end of your kids’ boundless energy if you can just send them to the yard to play. This will even allow you to accomplish a few chores such as washing the dishes and cooking, especially if your kitchen overlooks your backyard.

See, a playground is not only a good investment for the little ones, but it will serve the entire family as well. Building one in your property will be money well spent on fun and supporting the developmental goals of your kids.

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