Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, Types of UPS Systems

3 Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

In today’s 24/7 working environments, losing out on power means losing out on business and money. There’s nothing worse than losing power at a critical moment in time, especially if you end up losing progress with work. An easy, effective solution to this problem is investing in the best of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to decide which type of UPS system will suit your requirements the best. Different kinds of UPS systems cater to different unique needs. An extra benefit of using UPS systems is that you can get solutions custom-made as per your requirements.

So, before you start looking for UPS systems, understand the most common types of UPS systems. Read Below.

1. Online Double Conversion

One of the problems with UPS systems is the fact that AC power can have issues with stability and failure during the transmission process. This can cause problems such as voltage sags and spikes, leading to operational, functional, or safety problems with sensitive electronics.

To combat this problem, online double-conversion backup systems convert power from AC to DC as it’s distributed and transmitted, then back to AC for use. This allows for a cleaner transmission of power that doesn’t damage sensitive electronics such as network components and computers, which is crucial for a business’s success.

2. Line-Interactive

Having a UPS system to back up your computer system isn’t just about protecting your work and electronics during an outage event. Sometimes, critical computer components and network devices can be damaged simply due to a spike or sag in power all of a sudden.

Unlike other battery backup systems, line-interactive battery backups both condition your battery and provide a backup power source. This means that even slight dips and spikes in power are accounted for, which can prevent your electronics from getting damaged while ensuring you’ve got a backup source of power in case anything happens.

Since this type of battery backup also balances voltages when they’re too high or too low, you can be confident that you won’t have a major problem with your computers or network devices.

3. Standby Battery Backup

Perhaps the most common (and definitely the most cost-effective) type of UPS system is a standby battery backup. These systems are affordable because they don’t provide the same level of protection as line-interactive and double-conversion systems, but they still do a good job of protecting you in the event of a power outage.

One important thing to remember with standby battery backup systems is that they aren’t all made equal. The best standby battery backups will switch to power quickly enough to prevent power problems and keep you online during short outages.

While these UPS systems do a great job of protecting your computer when there’s a power outage, they don’t do anything to maintain stable power when there’s a sag or spike in voltage.

Keep Your Power On

When you rely on computer systems for business operations or other important work, having an uninterruptible power supply is important. The good news? UPS backup can help you keep your power on during voltage fluxes and spikes and even power outages.

Suppose you want to protect your electrical systems or appliances from power fluxes and spikes. In that case, you need a line-interactive power supply. But suppose you’re looking for a simpler backup battery system that’s still effective. In that case, a solid standby battery backup or double-conversion system will get the job done just fine.

Remember that a specific UPS system can perform particular tasks more efficiently than the others as they are designed to do so. Thus, it is crucial that you appropriately determine your energy requirements. If you face any problem understanding the conditions or are confused with industry terminologies, approach a licensed professional or a leading electrical provider for expert recommendations and guidance when selecting the best UPS systems.

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