Tips To Develop Your Brand Identity

3 Ways To Develop Your Brand Identity

When you start your small business, it’s hard to create your brand. Establishing your business’s identity seems like such an abstract concept compared to the nuts and bolts of your daily operations. If you’ve been open for a few months and you still don’t have a clear brand, take these three steps immediately.

1. Contract With a Copywriting Agency

Every advertisement you produce is an opportunity to exhibit your company’s voice. However, some people struggle to make their voices clear when they write. If your ad copies always sound stilted and they take you hours, contract with a copywriting agency. This company provides you with professionally written content for your blog, newsletter, or memos.

To have a successful relationship with your copywriters, you must provide the agency with your desired keywords, hyperlinks, and brand specifications. For example, if you’re trying to establish your brand as an uplifting company, request that all copies have a cheerful, friendly tone. Then, the copywriting agency creates content based on these requests. Once you’ve paid for the articles, you’re ready to promote them on social media.

Because you want a high-quality agency to help you develop your brand, carefully interview each candidate. Ask the company for writing samples so you can ensure that your styles match. Make sure that the agency is experienced and legitimate; you don’t want to be fooled by a scam. Finally, speak with the company about your vision and ensure that your ideals match.

2. Hire a Social Media Coordinator

Social media isn’t just a place to share nice photos of your new products or renovations anymore. It’s a serious marketing tool, and it’s one of the most important assets for establishing your brand identity. If you don’t know the difference between likes and saves on Instagram, you need to hire a social media coordinator. This professional handles all your social media marketing, managing comments, collecting data on user interactions, and promoting your blog posts.

When you meet with your social media coordinator for the first time, explain that you’re hoping to solidify your brand. Identify the tone you want to create, explain your mission statement, and introduce your product line. Work together with your coordinator to create a posting schedule for images that let your customers know what you care about. For example, if one of your values is putting family first, run a series of photos on social media in which you introduce each employee’s family.

3. Start Thinking About Philanthropism

As a new business owner, it’s hard to think about having enough money to give some away. However, philanthropism is important for every business. Not only is it tax-deductible, but it also shows your customers that you’re invested in your community. Furthermore, giving money to charity allows you to further explore your brand. If you produce hiking gear, donate to wildlife conservation sites. If you run a high-end restaurant, donate to your local food bank. By connecting your giving to your purpose, you have a better picture of your business’s identity.

Before you donate to an organization, speak to your tax advisor, especially if you want to deduct the gift from your income. Determine how much you can give, and then look for the perfect organization. Remember, small, local groups are more likely to appreciate gifts of any size than major nonprofits. Finally, do some research on the organization before you donate to ensure that it actually does what it claims.

It takes lots of planning just to get your business open, but your work isn’t done yet. You need to establish a brand identity to prove the ways you fill your customers’ needs.

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