Advantages of Using Microsoft in Your Business

4 Advantages of Using Microsoft in Your Business

Since the mid-1970s, Microsoft has been a household name with products sold all over the world. The technology developed by this company has revolutionized the way in which we interact with our world, and in doing so, has shaped the lives of millions. This has by no means happened by accident, and there are many advantages to consider when deciding to use Microsoft in your business.

1. An Operating System that People Already Understand

One of the primary aims of Microsoft’s business was to share a passion for providing computing to the masses via the design and production of affordable PCs. There are, in fact, nearly 1 billion devices now operating with Microsoft. Because of this, Microsoft’s operating systems are familiar to millions of people across the globe, a sure-footed advantage to using their products in your business. Adapting to new technology takes time, patience and often training. That’s why — if you’re looking to streamline your business processes — it’s a good idea to choose an operating system that makes intuitive sense for any potential users right off the bat.

2. Cloud-Based for Ease of Access

Another huge benefit to using Microsoft Office365 for your business is that it’s completely cloud-based. This means you’ll be able to access your emails, files and important documents from anywhere that has an internet connection. In 2020, this is a huge plus point as more and more businesses are operating within an increasingly dynamic global market,which places demands on the ability to move quickly from place to place. Furthermore, keeping your operating systems and files cloud-based keeps costs down allowing you to invest in other more important areas of your business. Visit and find out just how much you could save by switching to Microsoft for your business requirements.

3. Enhanced Security for Your Important Files

Whatever business you’re in, maintaining security over your files and documents is now more important than ever before. The proliferation of IT in business is matched by the need for security, and if you’re relying on technology for your business needs, then Microsoft is certainly the one to be considered. Over the years, Microsoft has developed sophisticated systems that protect personal and business data against online threats, and with new laws and regulations — such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the UK/EU — now in full force, this is an important point to be aware of. Microsoft’s email encryption and ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics) offer security measures that you can rely on for your business.

4. Upgrades Built into the Software

As a subscription service, you’ll have access to the latest and most up-to-date versions of available software when using Microsoft for your business, ensuring you’re able to stay at the cutting edge of the industry. Not only that, with Microsoft for business, you’ll be able to run software on multiple devices so your employees will be able to make the most of the latest and greatest technology as well.

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