Ways to maintain your microwave

4 Things You Can Do To Get the Most Out of Your Microwave

Affordable commercial microwaves hit the market at the end of the 1960s, revolutionizing the cooking prep. Families could zap their dinners in a flash, saving time and effort. The device, using radio waves, warms food quickly, permitting more time in activities and less time waiting for something to satisfy the stomach. To keep the unit in top condition, it’s crucial to consider how you use and clean it. Here are four ways to maintain your microwave and avoid early replacement.

1. Focus on Cleaning

Users often guess at the warming time. With some products, too much heat causes a splatter reaction. These bits of food residing on the walls prevent accurate heating from occurring, forcing the device to work harder. It’s best to pick one day a week to give the microwave a good scrub with soap and water. If that isn’t enough, drop a bit of vinegar with water in a microwave-safe bowl—steam off the crusted parts.

Another easy way to save yourself the hassle is to invest in a splatter cover. Place it on top of food during the heating process. Just drop the cover in the sink or dishwasher after each use.

2. Catch Minor Repairs Early

What happens if you pop something into the microwave, only to pull it out cold after the cycle? Before purchasing a new unit, call out a technician to service the device. It’s possible that a small part or two, such as the directional couplers, have lost their function. Replace worn or broken pieces, saving you the hassle of a more expensive purchase.

3. Know Capacity Limits

The unit is designed to work with a certain weight. Locate this information on the microwave door or in the user’s manual. Dropping a heavy plate of food in the appliance is problematic because it weighs down parts such as the turntable. Over time, this could cause it to wear down early.

4. Use the Programmed Buttons

Yes, it’s good to press the preset buttons. Many microwaves have buttons labeled for things such as popcorn and potatoes. By using these, owners get the appropriate heat source and time to warm up the foods without burning them or the device. Overcooking could create burn spots on the interior walls, which reduces overall efficiency.

Respect your microwave. In doing so, you might get a longer time with it and better heating. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule and understand its limits.

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