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5 Great Sights to Check Out While You Are Visiting Dallas and the Surrounding Area

The first thing that comes to your mind when Dallas is mentioned is oil. However, what many don’t know is that this place is filled with rich culture, entertainment, and history. If you are visiting for the first time, there are plenty of sights you can check out. Here are five fabulous sights you should visit when in Dallas.

Uptown Foodie Walk

Yearning for the best dining in Dallas? Worry no more! Dallas offers one of the best dining tour – Uptown Foodie Walk. If you take part in this tour, you’ll be in a position to experience the area’s trendiest restaurants and bar. This tour takes place on foot, hence its name. A single tour accommodates about sixteen individuals, which is ideal if you are touring with your entire family.

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Dallas Zoo

This zoo offers the greatest and most amazing zoological experience. With more than a hundred acres and two thousand animals, this place is an excellent way to spend your mornings and afternoons while learning about environmental conservation, wildlife, and the endangered species.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

There’s so much you can do at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science; stand on an earthquake simulator, construct a remote-control automobile, and even race a Tyrannosaurus. There is also a Dallas Farmer’s market, water play tables, sandboxes, and child-size campsite that will keep your kids busy and entertained. Generally, this is a fantastic place to visit for you and your family.

Southfork Ranch

If you are a fanatic of the Dallas television series, then this place should make your list of the amazing places to visit in Dallas. The tour to Southfork Ranch is offered every day except on the Christmas and Thanksgiving. What’s more, this tour does not leave a hole in your pocket as it only costs about $9 for children and $15 for the adults. Visit the Ewing Mansion, take a tour in J.R’s room, and view memorabilia of the show including the gun that shot J.R.

Given its beauty, charm, and amazing landscape, the Southfork Ranch is certainly a must-see especially if you are visiting Dallas for the first time. Whether or not you are familiar with the Dallas soap opera, this is a tour you will not want to miss.

Hotels and Accommodation

Even with its rich culture and heritage, Dallas is also characterized by amazing hotels that will make your visit memorable. Hotels such as the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas are equipped with amenities that will take your breath away. Some of these hotels offer unique gondola services, and their location is convenient to grant you access to most parts of the town.

If possible, create time to visit the above places and book your accommodation in one of the best hotels in Dallas. Visiting the iconic Southfork Ranch should not be an option for you. This ranch has fantastic indoor and outdoor venues and also provides horse-riding lessons. From here, you can move to other places mentioned earlier and enjoy the history of Dallas, along with the hospitality and the weather the city has to offer.

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