Happening Events In London 2018

5 Happening Events In London That You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re sitting in your office thinking of the weekend ahead. You’ve made plans to catch up with your friends, hangout at the same bar, drink the same beer and drop that same friend home who always gets way too drunk every single time.

If you are fine with your routine, go ahead…but, if you are out there looking for something new, something amazing, something that will blow your mind…then put on your happy face and hop on the train baby, because we’ve got you covered for the most happening events in London.

1. Skylight

After two rocking and glorious seasons Skylight is back with a bang. It is one of the most sizzling rooftop spot from Tobacco Dock and as you arrive, you can hog on the delicious street food and fondue. Since Skylight knows you don’t want to miss a game, it has arranged screens both indoors and outdoors for you to catch up with Wimbledon and World Cup Finals. After that if you get that adrenaline rush to play, Skylight has got Croquet and Pétanque for you. As you hit and throw those balls, catch that awesome sunset from the towering skyline which we you will not forget easily.


If you are out looking for tastes from other exotic lands, then one of the most yummy food fest KERB does Alchemy is where you need to be.  It will feature 29 traders from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who will set your taste buds on fire. Come and devour Chilli Cheese Dosa, Bun Kababs, Pakora battered Haloumi Strips, Mutton Fries with Panch Phoran Aioli and many other dishes that will make your mouth water.

3. Slime

Have you seen those videos on Instagram of colourful slime getting squished, stretched, dunked in water and brought back to life again…cool aren’t they? Well, now you have an actual chance of playing with all that slime as Slime London is going to teach the tricks of this very slimy trade. You will learn how to make slime, stuff it, do a cannonball in a pit full of it and also grab a handful to throw at your friends. Though the entry for this “slimy” event is free the Masterclass will cost you £10.

4. The Great Escape Convention

Are you bored with your playlist to an extent that even putting it on shuffle doesn’t get your groove on? Well, set all your worries aside as one of the best music events is going to make you sway to its rhythm. The Great Escape (TGE) is going to feature 50 artists with new music from various genres which we are certain will rock your world. The TGE attracts lots of music professionals from across the world, so keep your fingers crossed – who knows you might even get a chance to see your favourite artist perform live in front of you!

5. Make!

If you are into arts, crafts and DIY projects this event is a match made in heaven for you. Make! Season of Contemporary Art is where you can learn how to build an awesome bike, create artistic pieces from moulded polystyrene, hand weave beautiful wall-hangings and make stunning stone vases by learning how to cast. Even if you are not into creating and making stuff we are sure you will appreciate the art there and who knows you might even pick up a new hobby by taking a look at all the astonishing art showcased there.

So, this wraps up our list of  the best events we chose for you but, you know what?…Just get out there, explore the city you live in and you might find something even more interesting, hell something exciting might be happening in your friendly neighbourhood too and you probably have no idea about it. You can make a corporate day out of these events as well! If not, get your friends, family and loved ones together to have a lovely time, make lasting memories and have a happy weekend folks!

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