5 Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Birthday & Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Forgetful Spouse

We have all done it at one time or another, whether we want to admit it or not. We are at our workstation, it is two hours from quitting time and it hits us, “Oh, no! It’s my spouse’s ____!!” For the last two birthdays they got the same old last-minute go-to; if they get it again you are facing a slow, painful death. What are you going to do?

Because none of us want to keep appearing incompetent when it comes to recognizing the most important dates as they apply to our significant other we have compiled a list of save-the-day gifts that will not only satisfy the one you are giving it too, but perhaps they will pass out from surprise as well. You mean no more chocolate covered cherries? Yes, that’s exactly what we mean. Don’t bother to thank us; it’s the least we can do.

5 Last Minute Birthday & Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Forgetful Spouse

1. Candles

Here is a gift that is attractive, colorful, smells great, and is completely appropriate for either sex. Women love the look and the fragrance while men love the romantic mood a flickering flame ignites. The best thing about candles is they are inexpensive, come in beautiful, lasting containers which are colorfully decorated, and you can get them at midnight at the local Walmart if you have to; they are affordable too.

2. Strawberries, Cream, and Champagne

Listen, you can get these at the grocery store any time of the day or night, and even if you throw in the same dozen roses from last year the strawberries, cream, and champagne will conveniently cause that memory to fade for some reason, and the best part? Everybody wins.

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3. Tickets to a concert, movie, or event they have mentioned

This salvation of an option has only become possible through the miracle of technology. Find any event they would like if you have to and purchase the tickets from your computer or cell phone. Present it at the appropriate time and enjoy the excitement you see in their eyes. Ah, the gift of anticipation!

4. Balloons, balloons, balloons!

If this is a gift you have given often, skip it. However, if you send a bouquet of balloons rather than flowers you can typically find a balloon service that will costume up and sing a love song. Throw them off course by being unique. You can have this done from work as well, on the computer or over the phone in no time at all. It will be fun to get a full report.

5. Finally, just do it right

You are at home or at work and you realize it is your anniversary…just go all out right then. On your next break, rather than eat at your desk go to the jewelry store (or the sporting goods store, whichever is appropriate). Buy them exactly what you know they would buy if they could. You forgot the date; you are in a crunch, so you need to aim to please. Have it ready, and make the needed sacrifices. You will gain major ground, believe that.

I’ll say it again: We all forget these days. It happens, for some more than others. If you are one who habitually finds themselves in a bind year after year I would suggest you exercise prevention so you do not have to seek a cure. Keep a small calendar for the sole purpose of recording special days, days you must remember regarding your life partner and best friend. Heck, program your smartphone so it will pound out Mozart’s “Requiem” full blast for those days. However, for the times you do forget don’t make the love of your life settle for less. Invest a little more of yourself and step outside the box. You will never regret it!

BONUS: It sounds a little cheesy, but trust us, a custom-designed phone case from Custom Envy is also a great anniversary gift for your partner. As someone who knows them best, you are free to choose and design the cover however you want. And if you get it right (which you will), your partner will be touched by how thoughtful you are.

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