Health Conditions That Cause Insomnia

5 Medical Conditions That Cause Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to get the amount of sleep you need and deserve. There are various conditions that can cause insomnia in humans and animals. The following is some information about insomnia and five common medical conditions that cause it:

More About Insomnia

Insomnia isn’t just the inability to go to sleep. The condition includes not getting enough sleep. For example, someone who suffers from insomnia might have difficulty getting to bed at any time before 3 a.m. That individual might wake up again at 5 a.m. This can cause that person’s health to decline in other ways.

Five Health Conditions That Cause Insomnia

Insomnia has many causes. These are five common health conditions that contribute to it:

1. Stress

Stress is one of the most common conditions that can contribute to insomnia, and stress can come to you for many reasons. Financial worries, relationship problems, and medical conditions can cause you to stress about things, and that stress can lead to making you lose the sleep you deserve.

2. Depression

Depression is another condition that causes insomnia. Clinical depression can affect your sleep cycle in one of two ways. It can cause you to be overly tired and sleep too much.

Alternatively, it can cause you to experience many restless nights and problems getting yourself settled down for bed. A medical provider may have a solution for that or try to resolve it with effective relaxation techniques.

3. Anxiety

Anxiety can happen to people and pets for an array of reasons. A pet might experience anxiety because of a recent move or a change in lifestyle, for example. A person could have the same issue.

Creating a treat for your pet with a CBD tincture can help that pet relax. You can make something that tastes delicious, and your pet will find peace and relaxation without even knowing you administered a special ingredient. A CBD tincture might be what you need to manage your stress, as well.

4. Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease can be a frustrating and unnerving issue that causes you not to get to sleep when you want to. Respiratory disease is any problem that occurs in your upper respiratory system. It could be a common cold, flu, asthmatic episode, or COPD. These conditions often cause insomnia because they cause the sufferer to struggle with his or her breathing.

One solution you can look into if you’re dealing with a respiratory problem is investing in a humidifier. You can also consider asking your medical professional about an inhaler or medications that can open up your bronchial tubes.

5. Heart Disorders

Heart disorders commonly cause insomnia, as well. Conditions that cause irregular heartbeats are most likely to cause insomnia because the sufferer’s entire body system is uneasy. A slew of other conditions and illnesses can contribute to insomnia. You need to get the assistance you need if you’re experiencing it because it can cause additional problems.

Now you know which conditions might be contributing to your insomnia. You can start finding a viable resolution with dietary changes, medical care, or relaxation techniques.

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