Men's Fashion Trends 2018

5 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep On Your Radar In 2018

Though it’s not the New Year anymore as a month has already passed, but it’s never too late to start afresh when it comes to fashion trends. Having the knowledge about the current happenings and a forecast about what’s going to happen through the year gives you the opportunity to assemble your wardrobe in sync with the trends. In order to look absolutely stylish no matter where you are, you should keep the fashion trends on your radar.

Everything that calls for fashion doesn’t trend, but surely you go on and read the following trends. You may or may not agree with them all, but they are surely the new hype in town.

1. Wide Legged Trousers

If you would have noticed, the past few seasons have been the times when men have been spotted with comfortable fits, relaxed shapes, and looser cuts. No matter what clothing article we’re talking about, the looser fit has been seen around and have been accepted by men worldwide. Overcoats, sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans and obviously trousers. When people were waiting to see the trend changing this, they were yet again happy to see the runway filled with models wearing wide legged trousers. If you look back, you’d find that the trend caught fire in the year 2016 and did not see the fall but with more and more men adopting the same, the trend got better. This way, you’d not have to withdraw your hand from the roomy fit this year as well and can keep the skinny fit to rest as of now.

You can pick subtle wide-legged jeans that are neither too loose nor very baggy. Go in with a straight fit that is in-between skinny and baggy.

2. Spot-On With Crossbody Bags And Satchels

Buying bags in accordance with the trends have long been a women’s forte. However, now you’d find that the men are not lagging behind. They change their bags according to their outfits, needs and wants and that’s exactly what time expects them to do. Designers from the high street to the high-end are continually developing their understanding of what men want from a carrier, and repackaging this knowledge into updated designs every six months. The current trend that men should pick up is having a crossbody bag or satchel by some of the luxury labels.

From Alexander McQueen, Armani Jeans, Burberry to Gucci bags, there are numerous brands from which you can pick your favorite.

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3. Vertical Stripes

You might have had a great time wearing checks. The only reasons for this would be – the versatility and the never-going-out-of-style features. The love for vertical stripes is such-like. Do you remember when did stripes go out of fashion last? You won’t remember because they haven’t. They’ve been there for a long-long time and the trend still persists. It was only for a short while when you wouldn’t have seen a lot of stripes on the runway, but otherwise, stripes have been through and through all the time. Whether you prefer to wear it with the formal pants or just hold it up the casual way, vertical stripes have a lot to offer to you.

You can choose the brand, color combinations, thickness of the stripes and everything else and still find it to look good on you every time.

4. Cuban Collars

You remember the Hawaiian prints that came like a fashion wave and swept the world and had that new-styled collar? Well, the Hawaiian prints might have settled down and has been swiped off the picture, the collar persists and is popularly known as the Cuban Collar. The neckline has been popularly used among men the entire of last year and will be seeing a lot of this year as well. Now, you’d find brands like Topman, Todd Snyder, French Connection and others giving this style their touch and presenting for the generation.

Also called the Revere or Camp collar, the Cuban collared shirts an old-school staple that was hyped by none other than Elvis Presley.

5. Monochrome Colors

Monochrome colors like black and white never go out of style. Though, you might just say that you wear both the colors all the time and have been relying on them for times when you cannot choose any other color. But, have you tried wearing black in the summers or white in the winters? You might just say yes to the latter, but the former is a no for sure. This year, indulge yourself in picking the monochromes for all seasons. With Balmain and Alexander McQueen sporting the blacks so stylishly whereas; white is considered to be there in the market by other high-end brands.

What’s your pick from these?

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