Must Haves Before Bringing Home Baby

5 Must Haves Before Bringing Home Baby

As you get closer to your due date, you may not be feeling that great. After all, it’s getting harder to find comfort when you sleep and your walk has become more akin to a waddle. Yet, you can’t help but be filled with excitement for the first time you carry baby through the front door. You’ve likely gone through a mental checklist numerous times, making sure you have everything you need. If you’re a first time parent, there may be some items you don’t realize can bring benefit, and perhaps you’ve never even heard of them. Check out this list and make sure you’re covered.

1. A Soft Carrier

A soft carrier has many different names, but it’s basically a cloth carrier that wraps around your body to snuggle baby against your stomach and breast. The soft carrier is great for those times when baby won’t settle for anything less than being cuddled against your warm body. The carrier allows you to continue what you were doing while keeping you little one content. Whether you were working from home, watering the plants, folding laundry or getting in a few squats, the soft carrier will save the day.

2. Natural Fiber Clothing

Baby’s soft and sensitive skin deserves the best, and that means natural fibers to swaddle baby in breathable comfort. HuxBaby clothing is a great option because their cute little rompers and casual sets are made from 100% organic cotton.  Natural fiber clothing also more durable than synthetic fibers, making this clothing great to hand down to your next child.

3. Pack ‘n Play

This versatile sleeper is as wonderful as the convertible stroller, because it grows with your baby. As an infant, the pack ‘n play works as a bassinet. As baby continues to grow that first year, the pack ‘n play becomes a playard that keeps baby safe while you’re cooking dinner or watching your favorite show. Best of all, it’s portable. If you’re going to a family member’s or friend’s home, or even on vacation, take the pack ‘n play with you.

4. Diaper Pail

If you don’t invest in a diaper pail right away, you soon will. Diapers are smelly, and that smell can overwhelm the entire home, especially if you don’t yet realize how many diapers you’re going to be changing a day. Don’t worry, you’ll still find baby adorable.

A diaper pail controls the smell because it’s a trash can with a built-in seal closure. Whether you go cloth or disposable, the diaper baby will conceal that which does not need to be smelled.

5. Breast Milk Storage Bags and Bottles

If you’ve made the decision to breastfeed, you’ve made the best choice for you and your little one. However, there will come times when you won’t be there to feed baby at the scheduled time. Maybe you leave baby with dad while you go shopping, or you need to travel for your job. Whatever the reason, breast milk is always preferable to formula. With storage bags, you can freeze your milk so you have a nice supply built up over time.

Bottles are great if you’re only going to be away a few hours, as the milk won’t lose as much of the nutrients that are so great for baby’s health. Of course you never want to be away from baby, but it’s best to be prepared.

There are so many great gadgets that can help first time parenting go smoother. Be sure to ask other mothers for their advice, as they’ve traveled this road and no all too well what the dos and don’ts are that you should incorporate or avoid.

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