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5 Safety Features to Add to Your Home as You Age

Our bodies change as we age. It’s inevitable. Eventually, weakening bones and muscles paired with worsening eyesight makes it difficult to maintain balance. You may find yourself tripping and falling more easily. Implementing some safety features within your home can help you to maintain your balance and prevent serious falls and health concerns.

Walk In Showers

walk in shower makes a great addition to your home. You don’t have to worry about trying to step over the large side of the tub like before. This is a cause for concern in many aging adults who tend to become more and more unsteady on their feet. You can opt for a walk-in option instead that lets you step right into the shower without worry.

Grab Bars

Many home safety tips for seniors encourage the use of grab bars. You can install one within the shower, near the toilet, or anywhere else in your home that you require a bit of help to get up or down. The bar simply gives you something to grab onto when you need to steady yourself and lower or raise your body with a bit of assistance.

Better Lighting

The lighting within your home can play a significant role in how well you maintain your footing. A darkened area may make it harder for you to see and easier for you to fall. Install better lighting in these spaces so you can see your surroundings well and better keep yourself on your feet.

This doesn’t apply to the indoors only. You should be adding motion-detected lighting to the outside of your home as well. It will be easier to make it in and out of the house if you have a well-lit porch and driveway.

Single-Lever Door Knobs

You may not currently give much thought to your doorknobs inside your house. As you get older, however, you may find it more and more difficult to turn a knob all the way. Arthritis in your wrists or fingers can make it hard to get a good grip and get the door open. You may want to consider replacing all your knobs with single-lever options. You’ll only have to pull the handle down rather than twisting it, which is an easier motion to accomplish with aching hands.

Single-Lever Faucets

The faucets in your bathtub and sink should also be replaced. It will be hard to twist and turn the typical style options. You can add single-lever options just like your doorknobs that you only have to push down and back up after use.

There are also rubberized covers you can purchase that make it even easier to grip. Red and blue, hot and cold faucet grips are even an option. If you have trouble remembering which side is which, these will be a big help in ensuring you choose the right temperature water needed.

Your home doesn’t have to be a dangerous place that you need to move away from once you become older. Keep your independence for as long as possible by implementing a few safety measures and making your home a secure place for you to be.

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