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5 Secrets of Hotel Booking That Everyone Misses

Booking the cheap hotel rooms is easy with online travel agencies and hotel booking apps. Right? But it’s not sure that you’re getting the cheapest rate or the best deals. No doubt, online travel agencies and hotel booking are the great ways to get exclusive offers on hotels. However, there are some other ways and hotel booking secrets that everyone misses which are simple and effective and allow travellers to get free upgrades and the best deals while making a reservation in any hotel. Here are the 5 secrets of hotel booking that everyone misses.

1. Book Direct With Hotel Instead Of Booking Through A Third Party Site

Yes, the one big secret is that hotels do not get anything from online travel agencies or apps. However, they have to pay up to 30% commission to that site on every booking and no one likes to pay such a commission. Those travellers who get booked via third party sites might not get any extra comfort or perks from the hotel staff. So, if you’re looking for the best hotels in Saskatoon then it would be better to call the hotel directly. You’ll surely get a discounted rate and even perks by booking directly with them

2. Do Not Expect Discount If You’re Booking A Chain Hotel

Booking a brand seems to be good having a luxurious stay but remember chain hotels have fixed room rates and they offer special discounts to their members only. So, do not expect something extra from a chain hotel. Unlike chain hotels independently owned hotels are far better in a sense they provide quality room and services to their guest as well as offer lower possible rates to make new customers.

3. Ask In Private For A Room Upgrade

Asking for the free room upgrade or free wifi at the time of check-in or when the front desk crowded with the guests is not a good way to get something for free. The hotel staff will not likely to offer some offer in front of other guests because after then a chain reaction will start. Instead of it, asking for a  free upgrade in private when no one is there at the front desk will increase the chances to get some favours from the hotel staff in this regard.

4. Negotiate The Discounted Rate

Almost all the hotels have some flexibility to negotiate their room rates so bargaining the discount rate is the top secret to get the cheapest rate possible. Be smart when booking Sherwood Park Hotels and start with like ‘is that your best rate’ or ask them that ‘can you offer a better rate than this’ are the best ways to know much flexible their prices are. There are doing business so they just offer discounted rates with those who negotiate. So, don’t hesitate to bargain the room rate for the best deal.

5. Mention The Competition

Another great secret to getting the best deal while booking a hotel room is call them directly and mention their competitors what rates and perks they are offering to their guests. They are in the market and facing high competition so when the guests mention their competitors they tend to offer them an attractive package including cheap rates and perks to make them customers.

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