How can I keep my dog safe in the summer heat

5 Tips for Caring for Your Dog During Hot Weather

Whether you’re trying to plan for the summer, or you live in a place which basks in a continually hot climate, knowing how to keep your dog cared for when contending with higher temperatures is a must for their health and wellbeing.

Signs Your Dog is Struggling in the Heat

As well as knowing how to best care for your dog in hot weather, it’s also important to be aware of what to look for in terms of signs that your dog isn’t doing so well in higher temperatures. Here are seven signs your dog could be reacting badly to the heat, whether at home or out on a walk:

  1. Excessive panting
  2. Appear to be stumbling or struggling when walking
  3. Vomiting
  4. High body temperature
  5. Drooling or foaming at the mouth
  6. Frantic heartbeat
  7. Extreme thirst

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to attend to your dog straight away by seeking shade and supplying them with water and an opportunity to rest.

General Care Tips for Your Dog During Hot Weather

If you live in a city or state that is known for a hotter climate, then it’s important to follow these five tips for protecting your dog against the heat.

1. Always Take Enough Water on Walks

You should dedicate water for your dog alone and take it with you during walks in hot weather. Be sure to also take a portable bowl so that your dog always has access to water. It’s better to take a substantial amount of water just in case (you can carry it comfortably in a backpack), so that your dog remains hydrated.

2. Keep to Shaded Areas as Much as Possible

Try to plan your walks to include shade, such as nearby trees. Not only is this important for keeping your pet out of direct sunlight, but also to give their paws a break from walking on ground which has been warmed by direct sunlight.

3. Find a Local Vet You Can Trust

If anything should happen to your dog due to the heat which you can’t tend to yourself, it’s important to have a regular vet on hand in case your pet needs professional attention. Searching for local vets, such as, means you know who to call straight away if your pet is struggling to cope in the heat.

4. Invest in Cooling Mats for the Home

If your home gets very hot, your dog may appreciate being able to lie on a cooling mat when relaxing at home. This can help to keep their body temperature down and keep them comfortable. It’s also perfect for when you return from long, hot walks.

5. Switch Up Your Walking Routine

As a final tip, you may want to reconsider the times of the day when you usually walk your dog. This can help you to avoid the hottest points of the day and allow for walks later in the evening (or earlier in the morning) when temperatures are cooler.

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