Tips For Decorating Your Home Nursery
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5 Tips For Decorating Your Home Nursery

It can be an exciting, fun or overwhelming experience when it comes to decorating your nursery for your baby-to-be. We are going to share the best tips when it comes to designing your nursery to make sure it is done right the first time.

Choose the room decor before the paint

There are a multitude of endless paint colours to choose from, you can even get the exact colour specially made. So you don’t want to start off by choosing your paint colour in case you finally find the perfect curtains, bedding or crib and it doesn’t complement the wall colour. It is a lot easier to choose the decor first then buy the paint to match.

Get Creative With Your Storage Solutions

Endless toys, clothes and presents from family or friends for your baby, a baby normally comes with a lot of stuff. To keep on top of it all you can use creative and smart storage spaces to keep everything tidy.

Leave Room For A Seating Solution

Some people may pose the question, why would you need a seat for adults in your child’s nursery? During the night feeds or crying session, it can benefit the carer to have a seat to at least be able to sit down during these times.

One of the most common types of nursery chairs are rocking chairs, as the back and forth motion can help relax your baby when it is in your arms. Make sure the material is durable to stand the spit-up and spills. A design that has been used since the mid-century for home nurseries is the Eames Rocking Chair, made from durable materials and is available for only £49. The perfect price for decorating the nursery with an affordable budget.

Try To Leave Room For The Nursery To Change

Sometimes you can think to buy what the baby needs at the start, without leaving room for what the baby will need in the years to come. By thinking ahead you will help to get the most out of your money and space.

Baby-Proof The Nursery

It can be easier to do this task sooner rather than later, as before you know it your baby will be crawling and the nursery may seem dangerous. Cover electrical outlets, tuck away leads, prevent any slip hazards, be wary of potentially choking habits and be sure that medicines are out of reach.

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