Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

5 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

Have you ever considered having a family reunion? Many families have members living in different areas of the country, which means planning a gathering is a wonderful way to get back in touch. It can be something as simple as a one-day party or a week-long vacation. Here are some tips to help make your event unforgettable.

Plan Ahead

It’s ideal to start planning a least 12 months before your celebration. Start by contacting different members of the family to gauge interest. Budget, health, school schedules and work demands are all things to consider when deciding when and where this takes place. Some ideas include a backyard BBQ at great-grandma’s, a camping trip to a national park for a long weekend, or go all out and take the family on a cruise. Once you all agree, move forward with reservations.

Send Invitations

Even if you have already contacted and collaborated with your family members, it’s a great idea to send official invitations to everyone. These formalize all the information to ensure everyone has the correct date and location. These can be traditional paper invites, or you can use any number of party planning apps available. Be sure to include a way for family members to RSVP. It’s crucial if you are planning a long vacation or cruise. You need to know who is coming to schedule activities, make lodging reservations and order customized reunion t-shirts.

Prepare Food

As the party approaches, it’s vital to have the food planned ahead of time. One option is to plan a potluck, which means everyone brings a favorite dish. This is also a great way to share family recipes. Have everyone bring along a printed recipe card to create a family cookbook. Catering is also an option. If you go this route, it is a good idea to include a menu in your invitation and ask for each family’s ordering selections. Pre-ordering helps identify any allergies or food aversions to ensure everyone has something yummy to eat. If you are camping or vacationing in a home together, assign a meal to each family. That way, each family handles cooking a meal which helps split the cost and allows everyone to share in the joy of cooking.

Decorate for Family

No matter what type of reunion you’re planning, it’s fun to decorate the venue with family memorabilia. Have each family bring photos or albums to share. Display heirlooms for other generations to experience. For a large party, decorate the entire event based on your ancestral homeland.


A family get-together in a new location is a great time to explore the different activities available. Make reservations for various activities in advance, so spots are available for everyone to have fun. Picnics and backyard parties are the perfect time for favorite games. Plan sack races, water balloon fights, scavenger hunts, ball games and auctions. Include prizes and trophies, so people have souvenirs from the event.

Reunions are a great way to get together with family you don’t see often. Whether you have a backyard BBQ or an elaborate vacation, it will always be something everyone enjoys. Your event will be a success with a little planning, and your family will want to do it again every year.

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