Tips for Wearing Jewelry With Formal Clothes

All Dolled Up: 5 Tips for Wearing Jewelry With Your Formal Clothes

The saying that jewelry is fashions best friend will always hold its value. Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand to enhance your natural beauty. They make your outfit pop while offering some health benefits.

But sometimes, wearing jewelry won’t compliment your sense of style, personality, and wardrobe. That can be true if you don’t know how to accessorize. Here are some tips to keep in mind when wearing jewelry, especially with formal outfits.

Pay Attention to Your Neckline

Your whole look can get thrown off if you pair jewelry with a clashing necklace. You should wear a necklace to be visible, but it should not compete with your outfit. Below are some types of necklines for clothes:

  • V-neck
  • Boat
  • Squareneck
  • Turtleneck
  • Scoop
  • Sweetheart
  • Crew Neck

Try a long pendant necklace of you have a deep V or boat neckline outfit. For sweetheart and squareneck, go for a short, statement necklace.

When wearing layered necklaces, go for scoop and crew neck cut clothing. Turtleneck clothing, on the other hand, shines with earrings and bracelets rather than necklaces.

Wear Flattering Jewelry

Having fancy jewelry needs to fit your face, hands, skin tone, and frame. If you have an oval or long face shape, go for studs or shorter drop earrings. If you have a round or square face shape, pendant earrings match the most.

Earrings with hoop shapes match every face shape. For your hands, choose rings that make your fingers look thinner or longer. Consider wearing jewelry complementing your skin tone.

Match the Event

Your outfit and jewelry should be appropriate wherever you are going. If you’re going to work, choose conservative jewelry with polished, subtle pieces. Your jewelry shouldn’t distract your coworkers or employers.

For formal events like weddings, go for fine, sterling silver jewelry and gemstones. Get daring with your look if you’re preparing for a party.

Pick Your Focal Point

An easy way to learn how to accessorize is finding a centerpiece. It will be the center of interest and the first thing others will notice. You can build around that one piece of jewelry to enhance your look further.

If your centerpiece is bold, all other pieces should be minimal. Wear something with different lines, shapes, colors, textures, or patterns. The centerpiece doesn’t have to be your jewelry, it can be your clothes or makeup.

Know When to Stop

Having more jewelry isn’t always best for formal events. Instead, wear simple and small pieces to match with long, fancy gowns. Try out shiny jewelry to add a subtle flair without taking the focus off your whole attire.

Don’t overload your neck, ears, head, and arms with jewelry. If you want to draw attention to your face and neck, perhaps you don’t need an armful of bracelets. Match up bold jewelry with subtle jewelry to avoid overwhelming your outfit.

Use These Tips When Wearing Jewelry

Wearing jewelry should be fun and reflect your style and personality. Save your time and frustration with these tips. Show off your look and feel confident!

But why stop here when we have even more fashion and jewelry guides for you to check out? Feel free to keep reading our other posts today to discover all the helpful tips and tricks you need!

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