5 Ways To Make Your Home Office Time More Efficient

5 Ways To Make Your Home Office Time More Efficient

Working from home is a convenient perk of today’s modern society. Parents are more available to their children, commutes are eliminated, and mobility and flexibility reign. This shift, though, doesn’t come without a few downfalls. Homelife itself can become a major distraction, making it significantly hard to focus on projects. Can you juggle laundry while typing up a report? Is it possible to change the beds and answer emails? People working from the house must learn to separate work and personal life in order to gain the most from the experience. The following are five ways to ensure this happens.

1. Know Where Things Are

Establish a set location for your company time. It’s tempting to move about; however, it becomes cumbersome to know where things are when you don’t have a set spot. Select a quiet space where you can place a desk or table. Have some necessary supplies such as your laptop, writing utensils, paperclips, and tape. Also, purchase home office storage that permits you to keep documentation in a structured form. You can locate what you need with labels, and you waste minutes or hours hunting it down.

2. Put Your Phone Away

Phones are a problem. Even people with strong self-control may struggle to ignore incoming texts and posts. Place the cellphone in a drawer. You should still be able to hear it ring, but at least you won’t be grabbing it often.

3. Don’t Get on Social Media

Stay focused on assignments, ignoring the impulse to read the latest posts or tweets. Use software blockers on the work computer to keep you from distractions. Save the funny videos and running commentaries for after hours.

4. Start With a To-Do List

Have a notepad on the desk. Begin each day with goals, numbering at least three to five musts for the day. Cross out what you accomplish, and self-assess your progress and behavior at the end of the shift.

5. Establish Office Hours

Avoid squeezing in other activities. Household chores pull your mind away from what you need to do. Tell yourself when you want to start work and stop, sticking as near to the timeframe as possible. Do the dishes and floors at another time.

You can wear your pajamas while writing emails, but to get the most out of the work-at-home experience, staff should be mindful of delineating home life from work life. Have a designated space to get things done and work to remain engaged. These tactics could maximize your output.

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