6 Cool Apps to Help You Split Expenses with Your Flatmates

Sharing an apartment with one or several roommates saves you a lot of money – the more roommates you have, the less you have to pay. Still, it is never that simple. The disagreements usually arise when it comes to paying bills and buying groceries. Should all pay the equal price, or should each of you pay as much as you think you’ve spent? “You get that, and I’ll pay the next time” might be the cause of many arguments, and if there is one thing that truly matters when sharing a flat, that is that you all get along.

Luckily, technology has spotted this problem and came to your aid. Here are six apps that will help you share expenses, without sharing the faultfinding.

1. HomeSlice

This app is basically a closed social media platform intended only for you and your roommates. Instead of sending a ton of text messages, it allows you to keep track of the rent, bills, shared expenses and everyday costs. You can create an inventory within the app and then keep track of the shared items, and mark when you’re running low on some of them.

Setting due dates for rent and bills means that all the roomies will be notified when to pay up. Besides the money-related things, HomeSlice can organize cleaning duties, which is another stepping stone in shared life.

2. Splitwise

This free app is perfect for tracking and sharing your expenses. Splitwise does the math instead of you and enables you to pay everything in one big payment, instead of splitting the total sum on a bunch of small payments. The check splitter feature is perfect for grocery shopping when you don’t want to do the math by yourself. Splitwise is connected with PayPal, so when you want to pay your bills or your share of the expenses, you can just do it right from this app.


3. Venmo

Unlike the previous two that organize your expenses, Venmo is strictly a payment tool, which can be used in combination with apps like Splitwise or HomeSlice. It keeps track of the payments that you can pay via your bank account, just like you would do with PayPal.

You can add your roommates to the community and pay expenses together. The mutual agreement about using such an app should be established at the very beginning, when looking for flatmates, so make sure that this is one of the questions you’ll ask them once you meet.

4. Lovely

This is a great rent paying app that offers an automated payment system called Pay with Lovely. The best thing about Lovely is that you don’t have to worry about being late with the rent because you have forgotten all about it or spending the cash for the rent on some other things.

The transactions become automated after you input your rent amount and landlord’s contact information, and set up a date. The app notifies you three times (five days before the transaction, when the payment is made, and when the landlord receives the money).

5. Chored

This app solves most of your flat sharing problems, and keeps all the roomies happy and satisfied. It enables you to pay your share of the bills directly to the utility company, and even distributes house chores equally, so you never again have to argue about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.


Another neat feature is tracking who is home. If you are planning on bringing your date or binge watching your TV show without disturbance, you can simply check Chored to see who’s in and who’s out.

6. Splittable

Designed specifically for roommates who are sharing apartment expenses, Splittable works by providing giving its users visual representation of household expenditures. The principle of tracking daily costs is simple: when you buy toilet paper or pay for repairs you put the cost into the app, and let everyone know they need to pay up. Splittable combines a user-friendly interface with a color-coordinated expenses list that makes everything flow easily and simplifies distinguishing one payment from another.

The categories of expenses, such as rent, utilities, maintenance, taxes, etc. make it effortless to search through payments, and the app’s flexibility allows you to add categories of your own. You can even customize the payments with information who gets the biggest salary and who sleeps in the biggest room, and Splittable will take that into account when splitting the costs.

Sharing a flat is always fun, but sharing bills not so much. This is especially true when you are moving in the apartment with unknown people that are not yet your friends, and if you start fighting and arguing about money and bills during the very first month, it is highly likely they will never even be your friends. Stop splitting hairs over splitting expenses by using these handy apps, which will make your cohabitation much easier.




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