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6 Critical Business Mistakes eCommerce Startups Must Avoid

The worldwide eCommerce industry is growing fast with more people shopping online. Thus, it has become a very popular form of business these days. The problem is new entrepreneurs are entering ecommerce market and most of them are facing lots of downfalls due to certain mistakes. If you are planning to lunch your ecommerce business, you need to avoid following common mistakes:

1. Poor Layout & Lack of Responsiveness Of Your Ecommerce Website

Once you decide to start your ecommerce business, it important to build a perfectly user-friendly website. The layout or the design of the website should be responsive enough in order to give users a perfect website to find relevant products and complete purchases easily. Your website should have decent speed. Invest in good quality website design and layout to ensure you don’t lose customers once they reach your website from search engines. In addition to a highly responsive website, you need to take care of ecommerce authorization of your website.

2. No Digital Marketing Strategy

Nearly half of the ecommerce startups do not come out with proper digital marketing strategy, but they are doing digital marketing. Half of the e-commerce businesses are not focused towards their digital marketing strategy (SEO, SEM, SMO) and fail to compete with established businesses in the market. So, make sure you invest enough at least in SEO to rank well on search engines.

3. Not Knowing The Audience or Customers

Most of the e-commerce businesses do not know their target market well. This makes decision making difficult for them. Collect relevant market data and analyze them to make right decisions to compete with your major competitors and make your customers love your products.

4. Lack of Enough Payment Options

If you are having minimum payment options on your website or mobile application through which you are selling your products or services, it’s going to be very difficult for you to do business online. You have to make the checkout process easy and straightforward. Allow your customers to pay by Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/PayPal/Cash-on-Delivery etc. This will definitely help you retain your customers.

5. Not Focusing on Mobile Users

These days more people use their mobile phones to shop online. So, understanding this fact, you need to make your website mobile friendly. Many ecommerce startups just take too long time to understand this and lose customers from their mobile traffics. So, take steps well upfront to ensure your website is super mobile friendly.

6. Lack Of Proper Customer Service

Your website has a team of customer support who will ensure each and every customer get all the necessary information or solution they are looking for. More than anything else, they need to reply quick and be as friendly as possible to provide the customers with right kind of information they need.

If you can avoid these above mentioned mistakes, you should do well with your ecommerce startup.

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