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6 DIY Tools Every Home Should Have

DIY or ‘do it yourself’ toolkit should be available in every home, as it’s not possible to call the repairman to fix small everyday issues. This can be to do with small fixes that your home appliances might need every now and then, maybe a loose floorboard has to be set straight or you have to pry a nail off the wall.

For all these small but useful tasks, it’s better to have your own set of DIY tools. Given below are few basic and most recommended tools that every home should have –


A hammer is a useful tool for several delicate as well as heavy-duty home tasks such as fixing a nail in the wall, repairing a deck, breaking the plaster wall etc.

According to experts a 16-ounce hammer is the most versatile and ideal hammer for household tasks and can be used for all types of work. You can easily get a basic wooden or fibreglass hammer in less than 5 pound and if you want a one-piece metal hammer than you have to spend 5 pounds extra for that.


Most of the items in our home like lamps, doors, doorknobs and pieces of furniture are attached with screws, nuts and hingesand therefore need a screwdriver to fix small issues that might arise from time to time. Perhaps this is the reason why a screwdriver is one of the most used tools in a home.

Basically, there are two types of screws – Phillip screw with a small cross on its top and flat-head with a single line on its head. To fix each type of screw you need a specific type of screwdriver. A basic set of screwdrivers is available in the local market for just 5 pounds.


Certain home items are attached with nails or screws while the other things are attached with nuts and bolts. An adjustable wrench is the only tool that helps tighten or loosen these bolts and nuts. As these nuts come in a variety of sizes, a wrench can be adjusted to any size to grasp onto varying nut sizes which is its known as an adjustable wrench.

As per their use, wrenches are available in different sizes like as well. You can get a set of two different sizes vintage wrench in less than 5 pounds and adjustable spanner wrench set (one of 8 inches while another of 10 inches) in around 10 pounds.


You need a pair of pliers to pry a nail off the wall. It has metal teeth that can be used to grip the nail that needs prying and you can hold on to the handle to twist or bend the nail.

Pliers can be used to fix several household problems like pinching wires, loosening or tightening large sized nuts, pulling out objects, repairing jewellery amongst other things. Pliers are mostly used in electrical work as they are ideal if you ‘reworking with wires, nuts and screws.

Tape Measure

As the name suggests, tape measure is used to take accurate measurements which is very crucial for any DIY job.  Many tasks such as measuring the width and length of a pipe, marking the correct portion on the wall to hang a painting, measure the length of the area to fit a new piece of furniture etc. require perfect measurement which can be only be done with the help of a tape.  A small sized tape which is usually 12 feet long comes for about 4 pounds.


An electric drill is another powerful electrical tool that we should keep at our home.  It is used to make holes of all sizes holes in the wall. A good quality drill should have a comfortable handle, good warranty period and a sturdy build.

We recommend that you buy a 12-volt cordless drill because of its small in size, lightweight, easy to use and handle and has the ability to perform most DIY tasks.

Storing and maintaining these tools properly is as important as their use, so always keep them in a good air tight tote box so that it’s not exposed to the outside air. Keep these tools out of children’s reach for obvious safety reasons.

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