Interesting Facts About Jordan Shoes

6 Interesting Facts About Jordan Shoes

You don’t need to be a basketball fan to know the name ‘Michael Jordan.’ He’s one of the most iconic figures in all of sports and quite possibly the greatest basketball player of all time. Other than his performance on the court and on the big screen, he is also known for his affiliation with Nike’s Air Jordan franchise.

The big question is ‘what makes Jordans so special? They have become as iconic in the world of street-fashion as MJ is in the sporting world. Let’s take a look at six interesting facts about Jordan shoes that set them apart from the rest.

1. Mike Didn’t Wear Nike

Prior to the birth of the Air Jordans in 1984, Michael Jordan had only ever worn Adidas and Converse sneakers on the court. He had actually originally hoped that he would sign to Adidas. However, Nike made the better offer and the Air Jordan was born.

2. No Logo?

The Air Jordan ll was the first-ever Nike shoe to not have the famous ‘swoosh’ design anywhere on the shoe. At first, Nike was worried that it would have a negative impact on the sales. Instead, it actually begins to usher in a new era, where functional design trumped a logo.

3. How Much?

When the Air Jordan XVll’s were released in February 2002 they set a new benchmark for sneaker pricing. They cost $200 a pair and came with their own briefcase and a CD-ROM of commercials and marketing materials for the shoe.

These days collectible Jordans can sell for way over $10,000. A collaboration between Air Jordan and French label Dior saw the birth of the Air Jordan 1 OG Dior sneaker. It originally sold at $2000, but if you want a pair these days you’ll be looking to pay in excess of $14,000 on some sneaker sites.

4. Secret Messages

Do you remember when your favorite band would leave a hidden track at the end of the album? Well, the Air Jordan XXl’s did something very similar. If you hold a pair up to black-light you’ll find a hidden message on the shoe.

5. Devil Shoes

When Michael Jordan saw the original Air Jordan’s Bred colorway he said he would refuse to wear them as black and red are the colors of the devil.

The NBA actually banned Jordan from wearing these shoes on the court as they broke uniform rules. Nike had to pay the fines of $5,000 every time MJ wore them on the court.

6. Up for Auction

A pair of the original Air Jordans that were work by MJ during a game and also signed by him became the most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction. If you ever wondered why do Jordans cost so much, The 1985 Air Jordan 1’s in question sold for a whopping $560,000 at auction. Suddenly that $200 price-tag doesn’t seem so expensive!

Did You Know These Facts About Jordan Shoes?

The Air Jordans have more history than any other sneaker on the planet. And probably the only sneaker to be regularly worn a suit! These six facts about Jordan shoes begin to highlight the rich history of this iconic basketball sneaker. Can you find more?

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