Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

6 Modern Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

With changes in times, trends, and social behavior so comes a change in how we approach any relationship we’re in. The so-called relationship rules of the past no longer apply.

As a people and society, we’ve evolved; our priorities, wants, needs, and desires are without a doubt, different. Here are six modern ways to make your relationship work.

1. Put Yourself First

People who are in a relationship but take time to better themselves have an overall happier relationship than those who always focus on their partner’s needs first. Develop your own initial interests, for example: cooking, singing, playing a sport, etc.

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It will give you new things to teach your partner that you can do together in your relationship. You will find that by putting yourself first at times that the bond in your relationship will become stronger. You will not be able to help others fully and completely unless you show care for yourself first.

2. Some Time is Better Than no Time

You may think seeing your partner for a short amount of time is worthless, but it’s not. Any time you spend with the person you are in a relationship with means something.

Spending time with the person you are in a relationship with is a bonding experience; the passion between you releases dopamine and oxytocin, the two chemicals responsible for creating the loving feelings that you have. Remember that spending time together will work at deepening your bond.

Some time is better than no time

3. Do Go To Bed Angry

Growing up, I always heard adults say: when you’re in a relationship, never go to bed angry. Then I got older and I realized that relationship tip was not accurate. What if you’re in a relationship and you’re both arguing because you’re so tired?

Research conducted at the University of California, San Diego, found that people often solve ongoing problems during REM. “When people sleep, the brain reshuffles memories, combining old associations and new ideas to come up with solutions,” says study author Sara Mednick, Ph.D.

4. Respect Your Partner’s Privacy

Don’t be in a relationship where you and your partner feel the need to air your dirty laundry. No one on Facebook or Twitter wants to hear about your latest relationship issue or disagreement. Friends and family members have their own issues to deal with; they certainly do not need to deal with yours.

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Those in a relationship that do this often make those around them uncomfortable. The reason people usually do this is because they are passive aggressive and don’t want to deal with relationship issues head on. It is unhealthy to not respect the privacy of your relationship so make an effort not to do this.

5. Avoid Toxic Friends

We’ve all had them; I know I have, and if you haven’t experienced a toxic friend then you’re lucky. If you have friends who are in a relationship and they are constantly fighting with their partner or speaking negatively of your partner. They could be passing their bad vibes onto you.

Avoid Toxic Friends To Make your Relationship healthy

If a close friend, co-worker, or sibling splits with their partner, there is a 33% chance you will as well says research from Brown University.

6. Unplug After Work

In life, everything must have a limit and that includes work. As companies demand more and more of their employees, we must find a way as healthy individuals who want to be in a healthy relationship to draw the line. There is only so much work any one can do.

There needs to be a division between home and office, relationship and job.; not being able to do this will increase stress levels in your relationship. Set a time limit for work, stick to it, and make time for your partner and your relationship.

Do you agree with these modern ways to make your relationship work?

Would any of these tips help to improve your relationship? Which ones?

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