6 Relationship-Saving Tips For Traveling Couples

Solo and group travel with your friends were memorable it its own. With solo travel, you had the chance to go on an exploration which eventually led you to finding your authentic self. It opened your heart and mind to a myriad of opportunities and realities. Group travel on the other hand, allowed you to go on adventures with the best people which made the journey twice as fun.

Now that you have a significant other, it’s time to close that chapter in your book for a while; and make a whole new chapter and more with your other half. This means a handful of smooches and cuddles in different locations, trying out succulent local dishes, and innumerable fun-filled and exciting memories coming your way.

But travel doesn’t come smoothly at all times, stress and unforeseen circumstances go hand in hand with this. This means be prepared for arguments and differing views along the way, and know how to handle it without ruining your trip. Here are a few tips on how to keep the peace and enjoy the trip for traveling couples.

#1. Plan Your Trip Together

Traveling is stressful, especially during the planning stages. If there’s one between the two of you that enjoys planning and is born a “natural planner,” good for you. But don’t let this person take over full force otherwise your trip together wouldn’t feel made for the both of you since you didn’t get a say during planning.

The key is to plan together and discuss which places you both want to visit and what activities you both want to do. This way you if there’s anything you both don’t like that the other does, you can find a common ground or make a deal favorable to one another.

#2. Discuss Your Budget

Discuss your budget

One of the common reasons couples fight while on the road, and even off the road, is because of financial disagreements. Your frugal living may not resonate well with your partner’s penchant for luxury; or their bad spending habit.

First things first, have an honest conversation on how much money you’re willing to spend on your trip: budget for accommodation, food, activities, souvenirs, and the likes. If you don’t have an account for your travel fund as a couple, decide how you’re going to split the bills. Either one would pay everything while on the trip and the other wires the money to the other once back home; or pay separately.

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#3. Fights On Your Trip Are Just Like Any Other Fights

Like any other day you thought normal, one of you might forget the other’s slippers back home or someone will forget where they left the camera lens cap; get lost around a city you’re an alien in, and experience other more unfortunate and other rage inducing circumstances.

Get angry, it’s okay and it’s normal. But don’t let it consume the both of you and take the spirit of travel as a couple away. Argue, calm down, and move onto your next stop. You’re in a beautiful destination, enjoy your time there, enjoy the scenery.

#4. Keep The Communication Open

Does he pull you back or stop you from getting out of your comfort zone when you travel together? Does he make you miss solo travel? Is she a little too controlling and uptight when on a journey?

These are issues you need to talk about and not keep to yourself. You’re visiting a wondrous place with your significant other, you want it to be all good. If there’s anything, big or small, that strains the moment, bring it up and talk about it. If you want to explore more places with this person, you need to talk about your indifferences and make compromises.

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#5. Compromise


Speaking of compromise, love revolves around compromise. If your SO prefers flying on this certain airline because she feels more safe with them, ask if you then get to choose where you guys should stay. It’s all about finding a common ground or settling with something you both are favorable with. Compromise and a little sacrifice will save you from a load of stress.

#6. Relax And Seize The Moment

This trip is about relaxing, spending quality time with each other, and creating new memories and experiencing new things together. Enjoy your time together and as much as possible, resolve your fights immediately and never bring it back up ever. See what the journey has for the both of you!

Any unforgettable experiences all traveling couples you think should keep a heads up? Share it with us!

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