Self-Defense Items You Should Keep in Your Home
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Home Safety: 6 Self-Defense Items You Should Keep in Your Home

Becoming a homeowner is a goal that many people strive towards over the course of their lives. To be in the possession of your own home, and likely your own land is an incredible achievement and a testament to a life of hard work. Once in your possession, your home will soon be filled with trinkets from your entire life. It will become a safe haven for your family and a place where you can comfortably be you, protected from the outside world.

But some people may be jealous of the luxuries your hard work has earned you. Home break-ins happen for various reasons: most are related to burglaries, but there can be more nefarious reasons, too. Even if it’s just an attempted burglary, your intruder might have a weapon—and they may not be afraid to use force to get what they want.

So how do you protect your home and everything that matters most to you in life? The following six self-defense items should be considered essential items kept in your home at all times. When used properly, they can make sure your home is protected no matter what happens.

Tactical Flashlight

While not as aggressive as the following self-defense items on this list, tactical flashlights are an effective tool that should be kept in your home, vehicle, daily commuting pack and more. Shockproof, water-resistant and made of military-grade metal, tactical flashlights are multi-purpose tools that are meant for protection when you need it.

Whether you’re walking late at night or you hear a strange noise in your house, a tactical flashlight will act as both a light source and a self-defense item. These high-lumen devices will suit your needs for the toughest of situations.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

One of the most convenient, effective, and popular self-defense items used by citizens across the United States are pepper & mace sprays. It works by releasing high concentrations of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) combined with water or various oil compounds. The mixture incapacitates victims almost instantly by causing extreme discomfort and immobility, especially when released near the face, mouth, eyes, etc.

For homeowners, there are multiple models that are useful for the ultimate protection of your home. Animal repellent sprays work well for people who live in rural areas. In the event of a bear, stray dog, or rabid animal approaching your home, you can take hold of your animal repellent and force them off your property.

Pepper spray throwing grenades are employed by some homeowners, as they allow you to deploy the chemical without coming into direct contact with it. If you suspect a burglar has entered a specific part of your home, you can deploy a throwing grenade into this area to incapacitate them. Of course, you’ll need to wait for the chemical to disperse before you enter, but you’ll also have time to escape to a safe place.

Stun Gun

Similar to pepper spray, stun guns & tasers can be equally effective self-defense items either in your home or out in public. Easily stored in the drawer of your nightstand, you can grab a stun gun and use it rather quickly. Disengaging the safety switch and turning the device on will prepare you to take on a burglar the second you come near each other. While the electric shock will briefly incapacitate the intruder, you want to make sure you can hold them down until the police arrive.


Knives serve many functions, and it’s likely that you have a few different kinds in your kitchen. While you can use knives for self-defense in a pinch, there are a variety of knives specifically designed for personal protection. Often multi-purpose, self-defense knives are designed for personal empowerment, allowing you to take hold and protect yourself the instant someone attempts to break into your home.

Two highly recommended options include self-defense knives and folding knives. Self-defense knives are made to be strategically stored for immediate use, featuring a sling blade for ultimate protection. Folding knives are great whether in your house or on the go, as they can be stored safely until they are engaged. Folding knives are especially useful for people with young children in the house, as you can hide your self-defense item from anyone you’d like.


For the ultimate, potentially lethal, form of personal protection, you need a gun for home defense. A gun is the highest form of home security, sure to either incapacitate or terminate any intruder who breaks into your home. Whether it’s right for your household or not comes down to various questions.

In particular, you need to ask yourself whether you and your family are safe with a gun in your home. If yes, you still need to take measures to safely store your guns. Guns must be kept in a safe, and children should have no access to firearms within your home.

If you’re interested in getting a gun for your home, you must consider state permits to acquire and carry a gun legally. A state like New Hampshire has minimal to no permitting regulations for guns while the neighboring state of Massachusetts requires permits for any gun purchase.

The above items are all excellent choices when it comes to having in-home personal protection, but you want to make sure you employ whatever self-defense items you’re most comfortable with. Consider storing a few devices in your home for the utmost protection. It will ensure your home remains safe when it matters most.

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