Ways To Reward Yourself For Your Hard Work

6 Ways To Reward Yourself For Your Hard Work

The holiday season is here and we’re all celebrating it in its glory. And with that, we’re spending hours at work to finish everything that needs to get done before the year officially closes. It is the season of giving and that, we never fail to bear in mind. However, of all the list of people you want to give presents to this season, you’re forgetting yourself.

When was the last time you stepped back and treated yourself a reward after completing a project at work or when you need it? Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all need a little treat every once in a while for a pick-me-upper. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

Take Yourself Out On A Field Trip

If you’re short on cash, there are a handful of other ways to treat yourself and escape from the stress you’re in. no matter where you live, surely there are a number of amazing places such as museums, parks, and new restaurants and activities to check out. Treating yourself out for a vacation doesn’t have to cost that much, be far away, and take long days, a short yet meaningful and relaxing day trip will do just right.

Get Yourself Pampered

When was the last time you treated yourself to a relaxing day at a spa or a rejuvenating facial? With all the stress you experience at work or in your personal life, don’t deprive yourself of a much-deserved pampering once in a while.

Go to your favorite spa and sign yourself up for a full body massage. Feel like your face needs a little extra care? Sign up for a facial treatment. Been iffy for a change in style? Finally get the haircut you’ve been wanting for so long. Whatever it is, whether it’s to finish your day at a sauna or the likes, give yourself some good pampering. You deserve it.

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Give Back 

There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing your blessings and seeing how much your generosity means to other people. Whether it’s taking your family or a friend out for lunch or going as big as donating a sum for a charity, volunteering, or conducting a feeding project, this act of giving back to others is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve done something amazing. The feeling of joy and seeing them in other people’s eyes is a reward in itself.

Go On A Controlled Retail Therapy

Though you have a reasonable excuse to finally buy that designer bag or sneakers you’ve been eyeing on for so long, it’s not an excuse to make impulsive purchases. Keep in mind that though you’re rewarding yourself to buy what you want, you also have to control your spending so as to not go overboard and put yourself in an unhealthy financial situation.

The best way to not overspend is to set a budget for your retail therapy treat. It’s best advised that you opt to bring cash instead of credit card to physically keep track of your spending. You’ve earned this reward but don’t let it blow up on you. Stay in control. 

Upgrade Your Smartphone 

It’s the season of giving and one of the many material presents you can reward yourself with is a new smartphone. Whether you’re currently holding onto your iPhone 6 or planning to switch to one, the iPhone X is arguably the sleekest and fantastic smartphone in the market. It’s a total eye candy. Yes, it comes with quite a denting price tag but if you can afford it and you really want it, go on and make that purchase.

Go On A Movie Marathon

What’s more relaxing and rewarding than staying at home and binge-watching all the TV shows you’ve been missing on and catching up on the latest movies. Take a whole day off, grab your favorite snacks, and turn on your screen. What a magnificent way to recharge.

When was the last time you rewarded yourself? This season, extend your generosity and love to your own self. Happy holidays!

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